The Best Way to Calculate Estimates for Residential Paint Jobs

Do you have an effective process for estimating new paint jobs? If you’re a painting contractor, understanding your pricing is critical in order to win bids and bring your projects in on budget. Stop guessing and start using documented data from the field to develop accurate estimates that meet your budget more often and keep…

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Is Subcontracting Right for Your Commercial Painting Company?

Are subcontractors right for your commercial painting business? Or if you own a residential painting company and you do some commercial work, are subcontractors right for that type of work in your business? For commercial painting companies who want to extend their capabilities and handle large commercial projects, working with subcontractors can potentially be a…

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How Much Money Does a Painting Contractor Make?

how much money does a painting contractor make

Despite their long hours and physically demanding labor, painting contractors typically earn $15 an hour. Even established painting contractors usually walk away with well under $100,000 a year. Most painters are plagued by poor business decisions that directly affect their income. If you are struggling to break the cycle of ineffective sales, poor marketing choices,…

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How to Get More Paint Jobs When Business Is Slow

What do you do to generate leads and to find business when things are slow? Whether it’s back to school, getting out of school for summer break, some kind of terrible catastrophe, or the winter slow season. What do you do to keep the phone ringing? Understand Organic Demand for Painting Jobs The first thing…

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How You Can Get Leads for Your Painting Business

how to get more leads for painting business

Maintaining a steady flow of leads can be a challenge for new business owners. Traditionally, small businesses spend most of their marketing budget buying leads through paid advertising campaigns. Investing in a high-quality website and other marketing channels is imperative to obtaining the valuable leads that help small businesses grow. Sustainable, long-term leads are the…

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How You Can Promote Your Painting Business

how to promote your painting business

Transitioning from a professional painter to a business owner can be a steep learning curve. As a business owner, you’ll quickly learn that the painting itself is just a fraction of what it takes to run a successful painting company. Your profits and personal income are limited by the infrastructure of your business. Without effective…

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