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Beyond Google: The Untapped Potential of Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo for Painting Contractors

In the vast ocean of the internet, every painting contractor is on a quest to make their mark, aiming to splash vibrant colors of their services across the digital canvas. While Google has long been the 800-pound gorilla in the room guiding this quest, there's an entire uncharted territory in the realms of Yahoo, Bing, ...

Google’s Local Service Ads – Are They Worth Your Time?

Ever heard of Google's Local Service Ads? It's like getting a VIP badge for your business right on Google's search results. Imagine someone in your town looking for a service you offer, and boom, there you are at the top, with a shiny "Google Guaranteed" badge. It's a game-changer because it puts you front and ...

Why Painting Contractors Should Incorporate Social Media Into Their SEO Strategy

Let's talk about mixing social media with SEO to boost your online game. Think of it like making a smoothie. You've got your SEO, which is like your fruits, and social media, which is like your juice. Blend them together, and you've got a tasty mix that makes your online presence pop! So, what's this ...

Why YOU Aren’t Making More Money Painting…

First, let me say this: I know that talking about money is “triggering” to many painters. Many will claim, loudly, that they “aren’t in it for the money.” If that’s you and it’s true, there is no need to read this message. Just keep working for peanuts... you’ll always have your pride, right? For the ...

What Are Your Painting Business Goals for 2024?

What’s the ONE THING you’d want to change in 2024? Are any of these your goals?... - Increase your personal income? - Make your day-to-day routine less stressful & unpredictable? - Overhaul your sales process to raise closing rates & prices? - Break into the rewarding commercial repaints market? - Mange your painters to be ...

The TRUTH About Equity & Selling a Painting Business

Brandon, The older I get the more I believe the most offensive thing you can do is tell the TRUTH. People will swallow a lie all day long, the bigger the lie the better, and merrily go about their way. However, the truth, unlike a lie, is firmly rooted in reality – and when you ...

Hear What Other Members are Saying:

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"I produced $232,000 or 3,000 hours in booked labor in about 45 days. Client really, really enjoyed it. They thought it was clever, interesting, and loved being considered a V.I.P. I've never had a result this amazing and we've done our share of marketing."

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"I turned $483.00 into an extra $34,065.00 within 45-days using the Customer Reactivation Campaign."

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"I really do enjoy the prospect of engaging more with my customers. What I realized is that there are plenty of names on my list that I don't really remember or know, so this process is really helping me to 'purify my list.' Thank you for doing such a great job with these and helping me get moving on communication with my company's greatest asset."

5 keys that will open the door to guaranteed success in painting.

If you are struggling with sales, marketing, hiring or management, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Use these field-tested strategies to improve essential business systems in your painting company.