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7 Reasons Your Painting Website Isn’t Generating Leads – And What to Do About It!

  John Schofield: My wife wasn't with me yesterday to watch you guys. When I went home, I said, "Baby, listen, they killed it and I got to start this thing tomorrow, and I'm really nervous about this. You got any words of wisdom, some sage advice?" She's good with that. She looked at me ...

12 Sales Mistakes That Cost A Painter Plenty…

There are 12 mistakes that may be costing you a small fortune, and I am sure that you're doing a few of these. This training may save you more money and make you more money than anything else you've ever watched. For me, it's Brandon Lewis with the Academy, for Professional painting contractors. And it's ...

Commercial Painting Leads – Should You Be Marketing for Them?

When work gets slow in the winter, residential repaint contractors will often turn their attention to other markets to keep painters busy and income flowing. There are two markets these contractors often explore: new construction residential and commercial repaints. New construction residential is a losing game. Margins are low, supervision is necessarily high, pay is ...

10 Winter Work Strategies That NEVER FAIL!

Finding winter work. It is the bane of every painting contractor's existence. You work hard all season long when the sun is shining and it's a little warm to make money, and then here comes winter and it takes all your money away and it depletes your bank account. If you're a smaller company, you've ...

Rich Painter, Poor Painter… 5 Inescapable Rules

There's a good chance you may have read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Kawasaki. It was a bestseller, continues to sell, and the principles that are in there you can apply to your own financial future. Well, we're going to call this video Rich Painter, Poor Painter. And I'm going to do the same thing ...

How Much Does a Crappy Sales Process Cost?

I know you’re “covered up." Most painters are. For some reason, owners think this is a license to do a “pet the dog, email a PDF” sales process. “I’ve got more work than I can do,” I hear ya. But, that’s not the point. Here’s the point... Your sales process controls a lot more than your ...

Hear What Other Members are Saying:

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"I produced $232,000 or 3,000 hours in booked labor in about 45 days. Client really, really enjoyed it. They thought it was clever, interesting, and loved being considered a V.I.P. I've never had a result this amazing and we've done our share of marketing."

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"I turned $483.00 into an extra $34,065.00 within 45-days using the Customer Reactivation Campaign."

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"I really do enjoy the prospect of engaging more with my customers. What I realized is that there are plenty of names on my list that I don't really remember or know, so this process is really helping me to 'purify my list.' Thank you for doing such a great job with these and helping me get moving on communication with my company's greatest asset."

5 keys that will open the door to guaranteed success in painting.

If you are struggling with sales, marketing, hiring or management, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Use these field-tested strategies to improve essential business systems in your painting company.