We Eat, Sleep & Breathe Painting Contractor Websites that Deliver High Quality Leads. Period.

Leading Painting Industry Experts Exclusively Building Websites for Painters So They Can Break Free of the Pay-Per-Lead Service Trap

The Online Leads “Cheat Sheet” Pay-Per-Lead Services Don’t Want You to Have

Find Out Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads and Fix It FAST!

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Why Do Painters Commonly Struggle to Generate Quality Leads Online?


Sites Like Home Advisor & Angie’s List Want You to “Rent” Your Leads Forever Instead of Investing In a Quality Website (Like They Do)

Your Current Website Was Built by Someone Without Any Real Industry Expertise

Most of Your Budget Is Targeted At New Clients, With None Allocated for Repeat and Referral Business

It doesn’t have to be this way! Before building or updating your website, make sure to download our Free Website Cheat Sheet to discover the “must haves” for every painting contractor website.

How We Help Painters Succeed Online

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Evaluate Your Company

Every painting contractor has strengths and weaknesses in SEO, conversion and client retention. We take an honest look and report the results to you.

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Research Your Competitors

Competitive research tells us what cities and search terms are optimal for targeting – and how hard it will be to beat your local rivals.

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Create Your Attack Plan

Once research concludes, we create a tailored plan for targeting your company’s ideal clients for the cities and services you choose.

After Mentoring Over 431 Painting Contractors...

We Don’t Have to Google “Painting Industry” Before We Build Your Website

Websites Built by Painting Contractor Online Specialists

The more you do something, the better you get. Since we only work with painters, we’ve already mastered strategies a “mixed client agency” will never even discover.

Painting Contractor Web Design
freedom from pay per lead websites

Break Free from Expensive, Unethical Pay-Per-Lead Services

Have you ever noticed Home Advisor, Angie’s List and other pay-per-lead services spend their money building websites that rank well? That’s the LAST THING they want you to do.

Get Found Locally by The Best Clients

Make sure that you show up when customers are searching for painting services. Online giants like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and Houzz dominate the first page of Google snatching up local clients from painting contractor websites… unless you know how to beat them at the “local game.”

Painting Contractor SEO

Hear What Other Members are Saying:


Little's Painting

"We sold over $400,000 in commercial repaints in the last eight months
with the APPC digital team."


Absolute Painting

"Our online lead transaction size has increased to $4,500 per job. If anybody tells you that online leads are a waste of time, they're just not doing it the right way."


Final Touch Painting

"We just got a large job, about $25,000, that came exclusively off
them finding us online."

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Painter’s Academy help my business generate more online leads?

At Painter’s Academy, our team intimately understands the painting industry and the marketing strategies that accompany an effective website. If your business is struggling to generate high-quality leads online, we can help you break free from expensive and unethical pay-per-lead services and get found locally by clients looking for your services. After evaluating your company to determine your SEO strengths and weaknesses and researching your competitors to establish the most strategic cities and search terms to target, we’ll create your plan of attack. Our blueprint will tactically and effectively target your company’s ideal clients for the cities and services you choose.

What are the most effective methods of getting more online leads?

If you own or manage a painting business, you understand the importance of generating high quality leads online. However, executing on these leads is easier said than done. Fortunately, the experts at Painters Academy understand that most effective methods to generate leads quickly and successfully. Some of these strategies include effectively utilizing the local map pack, prioritizing closing sales, and decreasing the bounce rate for high-traffic pages. To discover a full breakdown of the secrets of top-performing painting contractor websites, download our free cheat sheet today!

painting contractor web design

Discover the Secrets of Top-Performing Painting Contractor Websites

Download our FREE Website Cheat Sheet today!

What's Inside?

  • 5 Reasons Potential Clients LEAVE Your Painting Website
  • The #1 Strategy for Creating Repeat + Referral Leads
  • 4 Ways Your Painting Website Can Help You Close a Sale
  • 5 Secrets for Getting FOUND In the Local Map-Pack for Painters
  • How to Solve Your Digital Marketing Problems without Reinventing the Wheel!
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