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The TRUTH about pricing paint stores don’t want you to know

How to lower your paint prices by 35% - or more

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3 easy steps for increasing your income by 23-29%... while doing fewer paint jobs

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Meet Business Growth Expert Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis grew his painting business from flat-broke to over $1,000,000.00 in repaint sales and 20 employees during the worst recession since the Great Depression, in less than five years, and then went on to sell his business for over $440,000.00 in a still struggling economy. An author and speaker – Lewis’ work has appeared in American Painting Contractor Magazine, Paint Contractor Magazine, InPaint Magazine, Professional Painting Contractor Magazine, and PCA educational outlets just to name a few sources.


Brandon has worked with over 450 franchised and independent painting contractors in six different countries ranging from start-ups to $50MM+ to help owners realize their dreams using done-for-you tools and systems coupled with group and one-on-one mentoring. The APPC’s educational events, like the annual Painting Profits Summit, the second largest gathering of independent painting contractors in the U.S., are sponsored by industry giants because they believe in the impact the organization is making.

Kevin Getz@2x
Kevin Getz
- American Painting Specialists

“My exterior paint costs dropped from $41 per gallon to $28 per gallon – and its’ the same quality.”

Eric Crawford@2x
Eric Crawford
- Final Touch Painting

“We started taking advantage of the program last year and we save a TON of money on paint and sundries. Plus, the program has a great delivery program. So, we don’t even waste time going to the store.”

Jason Lance@2x
Jason Lance
- Giovanni’s Painting Affair

“We’re really knocking out of the park on savings. Our old paint store can’t come close to the Painters Purchasing Group prices.”

Royce Parmer@2x
Royce Parmer
- Parmer & Sons Painting

“We’re looking at 50-60% savings for a gallon on average. They’ve done a great job delivering. I’m not looking back, that’s for sure.”

This training is for you if you’re tired of endless price increases or feel like you’re overpaying for paint and supplies


If you tried everything you can think of to save money, but your paint store won’t budge - this may be the answer for you.


Now you want to get better pricing that allows you to make more money while doing fewer jobs.

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