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Because All the Money & Freedom Comes from Business Systems...Not a Paint Bucket

A professional painter turned business owner quickly discovers that painting is only a small part of running a profitable, growing company. Your personal income is limited by the quality and completeness of your marketing, sales, operations, hiring and management systems – not to mention your day-to-day stress levels.

by downloading your free report and video training series, The 5 Keys for Finding Success in an Uncertain Economy.

The 5 Essential Strategies for Solving Your Painting Problems and Building a Bullet-Proof Business

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Why Professionals Lose to Low-Priced Painters (& How to
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How to Manage Painters & Make Every Project Profitable


Breaking Into the Lucrative Commercial Repaint Market


Simple Marketing Strategies That Work (Without Wasting Money)

Our Programs Provide the Tools + Support You Need to Become a Painting Business Success Story

Our Gold APPC Membership helps you think differently about your transformation from painting technician to successful entrepreneur while providing the done-for-you tools and mentoring you need to improve your painting business systems.

- Done-for-You Manuals, Video/Audio Instruction, Tools + Templates

- One-on-One Diagnostic + Quick Start Mentoring Call

- Monthly Group Q&A Screenshare with All APPC Members

- Monthly Ask the Expert Interviews

- Monthly Group Video Training Session

- Member’s Only Archives

- Private Facebook Group

- Email Support

- Special Discounts for Programs and Services

Our Platinum APPC Membership is limited to ten contractors and includes all the benefits of our Gold APPC Membership PLUS those listed below. It is the best fit for stabilized painting businesses that are serious about investing the time and money to take their businesses to the next level of success through structured personal accountability and mentoring.

- A Comprehensive, Company-Wide Assessment of All Business Systems to Discover Profit-Killing Mistakes and Opportunities for Quick Growth

- One-on-One Accountability for Implementation 

- Bi-Monthly, One-on-One Mentoring Calls

- Written 30-Day Plans

Our corporate consulting clients have ranged from large, national painting franchises to $20 Million painting contractors backed by venture capital serving specialized markets. We leverage our deep and diverse experiences in the repaint market to bring a unique perspective to every client that cannot be found anywhere else – backed by practical tools and systems that may be adapted for immediate implementation.

Our objective is not to get bogged down in endless planning or valueless strategizing, but rather to firmly establish the long-term objectives of the client and immediately begin work on short-term projects that create immediate, high-ROI wins. When we focus on the inputs and systems, the outputs take care of themselves.

We serve our corporate clients based on unique, specialized scopes of work and terms of engagement driven by the client’s needs.


100% Painter-Focused Digital Marketing Solutions from the Nation’s Leading Experts

  • Online Lead Generation

  • Website Design

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Reputation Management

  • Referral Marketing

  • Email Newsletters

  • Video Marketing

  • Content Creation

  • Sales Pre-Positioning

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Does it work? What do owners have to say?

jonathan webb

Jonathan Webb

Fresh Coat Painters

"I highly recommend Brandon’s programs, and as someone who has attended his invaluable presentations on marketing and recruiting...I can give my highest and unconditional recommendation for these business development services. There is no better source of paint-company specific business information out there."

2 Brothers Logo FINAL

Daniel Woodford

Two Brothers Painting

“I have been working with Brandon for 2.5 year. Sales were at 200k when I started and up to 1.3M at this point while tripling my bottom line. He’s made me a believer. Results do speak. Highly recommend you call him if you have a painting business that hasn’t been paying you what you deserve and are ready to turn things around!”


Michael Balding

Absolute Painting LLC

“The entire landscape of our business has changed since we joined the APPC. Our revenues have skyrocketed, our field staff is up by over 300% and we are finally building equity in our company. Thanks Brandon!”

5 keys that will open the door to guaranteed success in painting.

If you are struggling with sales, marketing, hiring or management, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Use these field-tested strategies to improve essential business systems in your painting company.


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