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Do you ever feel like your painting business is failing to realize its true profitability potential? Have you struggled for years with the slow-work, no-work cycle that so many insist is “inevitable” in the painting business? Or, do you own a successful painting business, but your sales have recently slowed, stalled, or flat-lined? Are you looking for a way to take your business to the next level of success – the next chapter in your career as a painting contractor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place! The Academy of Professional Painting Contractors focuses exclusively on helping its members increase their profitability in the residential and commercial repaint markets. Our programs place a fine focus on using direct response marketing systems to generate high-quality leads, increase estimate conversion rates, and raise the profitability per project for painting contractors.

We also teach our members how to systematically raise the lifetime value of current customers, increase the volume of referrals from past customers, and build a painting business that can be sold for top-dollar when owners wish to make a career transition or move into retirement. To learn more about the APPC and our programs, please request your FREE copy of “The Secret Systems for Easy Repaint Profits” before you leave our website.

Discover FREE Business Growth Strategies!

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What a Few of Our Members Have to Say About Why You
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What Painting Contractors Are Saying!

  • "It's worth every penny"

    My idea of marketing for my business has changed dramatically. All the templates and the tools have allowed me to present my company in a more professional manner to clients. The PowerPaint Presentation Process™ has helped close more sales on the spot. Many estimates that I would normally let slide have resulted in closed sales because of the follow-up systems.

    I would tell any painter looking to join that it’s worth every penny. The tools you’ve given me so far have helped me put some people in place that takes a load off me on a daily basis. If it’s a money issue, go ahead and take a leap. Become a member you’ll appreciate that you did.
    - Anothy M.

  • "Exactly what I needed"

    The Monthly Mentoring Calls are very good. I learn quite a bit. Great stuff. The scripts and tools in the PowerPaint Presentation ProcessTM was exactly what I needed. Thanks for starting The Academy and helping us struggling painters. It’s gonna be a great year!
    - Rob R.

  • "It has changed my outlook"

    It has changed my outlook towards my marketing. The APPC is able to provide that marketing plan that I have needed for many years, but was reluctant to work on to generate consistent leads for my company.
    - Ray R.

  • "Man...this is crazy"

    I have never had so many estimates to do all at once … I really do think there is the potential to close $100K if not more from this list I have right now. I am really looking forward to setting down my "painter cap" once and for all so this is probably the best "problem" I have ever had in my entire working life!!!
    - Neil C.

  • "It's opened my eyes"

    It's opened my eyes to new avenues for growth. The different aspects of marketing show you how to make more money and work less in the process. Go ahead and join - It's worth it.
    - Bryan H.

  • "It's a must"

    Since we’ve signed up with you, we have actually moved into a bigger building. We got a warehouse that’s about 3500 square feet with some offices in the back. I’ve hired three new employees and that puts our staff at 15. We’ve been getting a lot of calls because of the Customer Reactivation Campaign, doing anywhere from five to seven estimates every day. I just promoted my top painter to production manager and I’ve hired my sister to work in the office. I just wanted to thank you Brandon.

    You really put a fire under my butt to get going…I just needed some guidance and you provided that for me. I would tell any painting contractor who was considering joining… that it’s a must - especially for a contractor just starting out. They need some guidance as to how to market their company.
    - Rob Y.

  • "I am closing sales at a higher profit margin"

    Since joining the APPC, I now have a concrete direction when it comes to marketing. It is teaching me how to effectively spend my marketing dollar for the most return. I’m hiring an office manager and I am currently ramped up to 6 employees. I had two operating employees at the time that we joined. We are booked solid for the next month.

    I have cut my estimating time in half...I’m doing my estimates on the spot now. I’ve been able to present myself much more professionally to my customers. I am closing sales at a higher profit margin as a result of knowing how to build more value in my painting service instead of showing up just being a painter...That has helped me dramatically.
    - Shawn T.

  • "Awesome Program!"

    Your advice is 100% right and made things super simple. I have not even implemented all of your strategies and I’m already seeing results in increased profits! 50% margins thanks to the PowerPaint Presentation ProcessTM. The value far, far exceeds the investment.
    - Omar R.

  • "I've looked at over $328,000"

    in residential and commercial repaint bids in less than 30 days that I would not have seen otherwise.
    - Steven B.

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