5 Ways You Could Be Putting Your Painting Company’s Reputation at Risk

ways you could be putting painting company's reputation at risk

A company’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets. Positive reviews and brand awareness can lead to an increase in leads, customer inquiries, and profits. Ensuring your company builds a good reputation by providing superior services and reliable staff to your customers is imperative for business growth. As a business owner, you should constantly…

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How To Bid on Commercial Painting Jobs

A lot of painting contractors are intimidated by the thought of estimating larger commercial painting projects, acting as if it’s just this completely different animal. However, this does not have to be the case. If you’re looking to break into commercial painting, I’m going to give you some tools and resources that will help guide…

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What Types of Painting Jobs Create the Highest Return on Investment?

What types of painting projects and jobs create the highest return on investment for painting contractors? It’s more or less a question I’ve been asked hundreds and hundreds of times, sometimes it’s phrased a different way, “Brandon, what type of work should I be doing?” I understand what you’re saying when you say that. I…

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Are Online Reviews Important for Painting Contractors?

online reviews are important for painting contractors

Most consumers don’t trust online advertising. Conversely, 84 percent of people trust online reviews. Today, online reviews are essential for attracting new customers and growing your business. Increasingly, resources such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook are becoming the go-to place for researching businesses. Most modern consumers use online reviews to make decisions about…

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