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Eric Heipel

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So often, as painting contractors, we spend our time focused on the wrong things. We fill our days with checking on jobs, running paint or equipment to absent-minded crew leaders, or endlessly replying to emails.

We busy ourselves with menial tasks that are worth
$12.00 to $15.00 per hour,
yet never seem to be able to “fit in” the high-value,
wealth-building activities we should.
We let the tail wag the dog…

We wear “hard work” as a badge of honor and blithely claim, “I don’t have time to market, build systems, or improve my processes. I’m just too  busy!”

Endless, anxiety-inducing busyness can be a cop-out. It is often our way of avoiding what really needs to be done in exchange for a convenient scapegoat. After all, who can fault a person for “working hard?”

In this call, Eric from Minnesota demonstrates how mindset matters when it comes to getting the most money for your time. While most owners throw their hands up and claim, “I can’t do all that, I’m too busy,” Eric asks mildly, “Why would YOU want to do it PERSONALLY anyway?”

Delegation, when coupled with clear directions, processes, and oversight, can yield tremendous value for just a little bit of your time.

Question: What’s keeping you “busy” these days? … More importantly, is it worth $5,750 an hour? $2,500 per hour? What about $1,000 an hour? $200?… or is it more like $12.00 per hour?…

Can you make EVERY hour worth that much? No, but you should strive with purpose to make at least a few hours of your week high-productivity, high-profitability hours – every week.

This may mean outsourcing, delegating, or dropping a few items that are cramping your calendar. It may mean becoming more efficient and process-driven with tasks that take too long to do currently.

Move the low-dollar stuff out or push it over to tomorrow (trust me, it will wait.) Move the big-dollar activities in… and do it TODAY! Your bank account will thank you… and you’ll sleep better knowing the work you did today will create a better business tomorrow.

Now, get “busy” 😉

Brandon Lewis, MBA
Director of the Marketing Department
p. 423-800-0520
f. 800-410-3595
1523 E 27th Street
Chattanooga, TN 37404



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