Perhaps the Only “Thanks” Painting Contractors Will Get Today – April 15th


This is a rough day emotionally for most painting contractors and their advocates…

We spend the entire year hustling, bustling, risking, and scraping in an attempt to get ahead.

We serve customers, provide employment, invest in our communities, and in the end, we often feel as if we are punished for our efforts.

The more we make, the more they take. The more we pay, the more they want.

Instead of encouraging us for our progress, they penalize us and wrap us up in meaningless red tape– forcing us to wade through enough paperwork to burn a wet mule.

Meanwhile, special interests, lobbies, and those scheming the system look to the small business community to quietly and passively accept their lot. And, for the most part, we do…

That’s one of the biggest reasons I initially got into federal, state, and local politics before and after starting my painting business – to right some wrongs and participate in the process. While I still do my part, I must say I’ve come to this conclusion:

All we can do, practically speaking, is out earn what they’re doing to us, get out of debt fast, and do our best for our families and local communities.

All the anger, grumbling, and justified offense we can muster makes little if any difference.

So, I thought I would say something to you that you will not hear from anyone else as you muddle through your tax-day: Thank you!

Thank you for all that you do to be self sufficient, provide employment, and execute a beautiful service for your customers.

Thank you for beating the odds.

Thank you for enduring.

Keep up the good fight.

Do your very best to out-earn what they’re doing to you. It’s all you CAN do.

Let me know if I can help you beat ‘em

Thanks again,

Your Friend in Repaint Profits,

Brandon Lewis, MBA Marketing Department Director

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