Painting Contractor in Westminster CO

For painting contractors, digital marketing can seem overwhelming. There are tons of places you can spend your money, tons of places you can spend your time, both generally doing it yourself, hiring someone else to do it for you or just paying somebody in some kind of lead generation situation.


Number one, be specific in who you target

So, I wanna talk to you about marketing your painting business online, through digital marketing, and we’re gonna talk about a handful of items. The first is, you need to make sure that you target the clients who have an intent to purchase and avoid wasteful branding. Often people spend a ton of money just getting their name out there, and they cannot quantify the number of leads they get, their cost of sale, their cost of lead, and it’s just wasteful. Just getting your name out there is a very poor use of your resources. And your painting company probably has limited resources like most do.

So, the thing you wanna think about instead of branding your business is, is to think around the people that have intent to purpose, or intent to purchase rather. Where are they? Are they looking my services? And when they are looking for my types of services in my geographic area, what we call the geo modifier, can I be found? That is a hot group of people to be in front of, because frankly, unless you really want to buy painting services, you are not looking for them. It is a boring subject, you don’t look for painting service information in your free time for fun, no one else certainly does. They’re not on your blog or on your website or on your social media feed, or on directly pages just browsing for fun, they have an intent to purchase. Much better to be in front of that audience who has an intent to purchase than it just be in a social media feed with people that currently do not have the need.

Number two, you need to pick a market and you need to own it

So often people try to be everywhere, omnipresent in their entire geography. You can’t do that. Not in front of an audience with intent. You have to pick a market typically a city name and own it. Better that you own one market and show up, in a three pack and one page one for every single solitary search, even if the market is smaller than a metro market, and to get a shot at 30, 40% of every query, than to be in the middle of some metropolitan area where you never ever get a shot. Okay? 30% of something is better than no percent of nothing, right? So we’ve got to get somewhere that we can actually get traction.

And then, you need to think about doing a few things well in digital marketing. Don’t try to do everything. You can’t be on a thousand different platforms, it’ll stretch you thin, you’ll never learn how to do them, and instead, put your money, even if you hire someone else, into a few things. And so, it could be your website, it could be generating reviews effectively, it could be major social media platforms or major directory pages, and typically you pick one or two. So, don’t spread yourself thin with your digital marketing budget in your painting business.

So, to recap, you need to target clients with an intent to purchase, not just everyone, not just getting your name out there. You need to pick and own a specific nameable market and you need to focus on doing a few things well, not everything poorly.

We’ve got a lot more to cover, and if you really wanna get a serious education on this, I would suggest that you download the free resources on this page and that is the video training and the report that we sent to you, where we dig into what’s really working for painting contractors and really paint a broad picture of everything, not just a couple of small things so that you can make strategic decisions instead of tactical decisions.

I’m Brandon Lewis with the Academy For Professional Painting Contractors and Painters Weekly saying, good luck out there. Get in front of those clients in your local market who want what you’re selling, differentiate yourself and succeed.