Email Marketing for Painting Contractors

Email marketing for painting contractors can be confusing. It is often either underutilized or over utilized poorly. We’re going to talk about how emails can help you increase closing rates and can generate leads, both repeat, referral, and net new, and exactly how you can leverage email with your painting company to make an extraordinary difference. So, there are three audiences for email. There are more that we can talk about, but I’m only gonna cover three in this video.


The first is email marketing to current clients.

Number one, most people never email their current clients. Once they buy you treat them like garbage. They never hear from you again, even if you’ve got hundreds of thousands. Number two, when you do email your clients often the only thing that painting businesses want to do is to treat them like a human ATM. We’ve got a special. Please review us. We got a special, we got a special. Please buy, please buy, please buy.

After a while your list becomes so unresponsive that it’s not useful, or everyone has unsubscribed. No one cares about paint. You should be using a digital email newsletter once a month. Ours is called the At Home Monthly Newsletter, and it’s all about making personal connections and providing value. It has absolutely nothing to do with paint, except for recognizing clients, referral sources, and a little tiny offer at the end.

We build an emotional attachment. That’s how our guys get up to 80% repeat and referral business and growing every year at 30% net profit. So, you can do that, too.

Number two, email potential clients.

Email is great for potential clients, and we teach our guys how to use this through auto responders after the request is made for an estimate where we differentiate our company and our painting business based upon our people, our processes, and our product knowledge. You have to make your messages powerful and, if you can, include multimedia messages such as video, landing pages, pictures, before and after, instead of just text.

It is a great way to make that emotional connection at a distance, and to even continue selling after you’ve written the proposal, because so many people do not close on the spot. They make that decision in follow up.

Finally, unconverted leads.

So many people think that if someone doesn’t buy after two or three weeks, or even a month or two months, that that unconverted lead is a tire kicker. I’m here to tell you that that is not the case, after running systemic follow-up campaigns with thousands of unconverted leads at hundreds of painting businesses, both franchised and independent, corporate and locally owned sole proprietors, it takes a long time for someone to make a painting decision, especially when you get up in the $4000, $5000, $10,000, $20,000.

If you use your email marketing campaigns in a very strategic way through unconverted leads you will find that you can turn tire kickers, supposed tire kickers, into paying clients. A lot of them, even if they don’t buy from you, if you stay in touch with them will refer you to friends and neighbors even though they used somebody else and had a bad experience.

Make sure your email marketing is going out to current clients, prospective clients at the beginning, at the sales cycle in particular, you can use it throughout in an automated fashion, although that’s another discussion for another time, and then unconverted leads. Hey, if you’ve got lots of questions, we’ve got lots of answers, and I would invite you to download the resources on this page, the free report and video training series that reveals what’s really working for America’s top-performing painting contractors online generating leadswebsitesSEO.

We kind of wrap it all up in a nice neat package for you, and it’s well worth the watch, well worth the read. Download it on this page right now before it goes away. I’m Brandon Lewis with Painter’s Academy and Painter’s Weekly saying, “Go out there and get your share of the organic demand that’s online.”

Download: The Online Leads “Cheat Sheet” Pay-Per-Lead Services Don’t Want You to Have

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