SEO for Painting Contractors

SEO for painting contractors is very important. If your search engine optimization isn’t correct for your painting business, it means you can’t be found . If you can’t be found, there’s no chance of converting someone to a lead on one. And we’re talking about primarily in this video the search engine optimization for your painting company website.

There are three big things I want you to keep in mind about this, because there’s tons of things you need to know.


SEO Tips for Painters #1

But number one is selecting the correct location. I cannot tell you how many times we have done a diagnostic assessment of a website and someone has domiciled their location outside of the service area they want to serve. They’re in a suburb, but they want to get leads from the city. They’re in the city, but they want to get leads from the suburb.

You can’t do it and be in the three pack. You can build city pages and you can build pages that will allow you to get on the first page of Google below the three pack, but in many situations, that’s putting you two thirds of the way down the page and you may never, ever get a lead. So number one, make sure that your location shows. Even if it’s your home. I’m talking the full address, I’m talking the whole thing. Don’t try to hide that stuff.

Put it where the boundaries are of the city. And if you ever wonder if I’m inside or outside the boundaries of a city, just look up the city name and state in Google on Google maps and a little red outline will show up. If you’re outside the red outline, you will not appear in search very often. Okay, so number one, pick the right location.

Painting Contractor SEO Rule #2

Number two. SEO for painting contractors revolves around a simple question: Is your key word list is valid. Right? I see so many people building websites that have very little content on them, very few pages, the key words they are using are not the ones that are being searched, because they don’t have the industry expertise that I have from working with national painting franchises, manufacturers and then working with lots of independents. And they’ve built their entire website around key words that are not related to the industry.

Often this happens if you hire someone to build your website that is not familiar with the painting industry. So are your key words relevant? And is there enough stand alone content per page on each key word to be found? Think of each page on your website as almost like a mouse trap for a particular key word.

Ranking a Painters Website Rule #2

And finally, have you optimized your Google My Business page. There’s not a whole lot you can do on a Google My Business page, but each and every thing you do is important. Have you named your pictures after key words before uploading them? Most people don’t. Do you have key words inside your reviews? You can prompt these very easily with your clients. Most people don’t.

Are your hours of operation on there? Have you picked the categories for painting contractors that are out there for the services that you provide. There are three major ones and they’ve recently allowed us to go back and tags again. So if it’s been a few years or a few months since you’ve looked at your Google My Business account, it’s critically important that you do so. Are you putting posts on there occasionally during the busy season or if you have a promotion.

Summary for Local SEO

So number one, you need to look at your location, both is the competition too hot? In which case maybe you go somewhere else? Or is there opportunity some place that you’re not. Sometimes that even means a secondary location, if you can do it legitimately. The second thing we talked about was the key word list validation, to make sure that you’re using key words that people actually search for through research, not just your gut instinct. Have you optimized your Google My Business page for your painting company. Those are the big things when it comes to SEO for painting contractors. 

We’ve just scratched the surface in this video on that particular topic, so if you want more in depth information, I would suggest that you download the free report in the video training series exclusively for repaint contractors that you will find on this page.

We really get into depth and I give you lots of examples on why it’s critically important that you understand the essentials regarding painting contractor websites and local SEO.

Talk to you soon.

Brandon Lewis
Founder, The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors
Publisher, Painter’s Weekly

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