Painting Contractor Online Lead Strategy

Painting Contractor Online Lead Strategy

If you want to generate online leads for your painting company, it’s challenging because everyone is trying to sell them to you. Should you do PPC? Should you buy them from a company like Home Advisor, or Angie’s List, or House, or Thumbtack? How should you go about it? Should you try to push for organic SEO? There are lots of questions and I hope I can help you answer a few. I’m Brandon Lewis with the Painters Academy and Painters Weekly. There are three things I want you to think about when it comes to generating leads online for your painting business. The first one is this, you need to decide if you’re committed to either A, renting your leads, which means you pay for a lead with a company like Home Advisor, or get in a membership situation with Angie’s List, or pay for a lead in some other platform.

painting contractor online lead strategy

What Do You Own?

Now, what that means is you pay one time, you get a lead, and that’s it. There’s no equity, there’s no ongoing ownership of the web property, and in many ways you are subsidizing them to get between you and your clients and then charge you for reuniting you with your local client. It’s kind of a vicious cycle. We don’t take the time to build our own properties and our own digital portfolios and invest in that equity situation, so we keep going back to the crack cocaine of leads and they keep taking that money and building their portfolios in your market. In a way, you help them permanently separate you from your clients on the first page of Google. First, is if you’re going to build. Now, you can run a combination maybe when you’re first starting, the first couple of years of business, and you desperately need lead flow. Learn more here.

Where’s Waldo…’s Painting Company?

That’s okay, but simultaneously, my advice to you would be, build your portfolio at the same time so that you don’t get in a situation where you have very little online ownership, okay? Number two, is you got to make sure you get found, okay? If you build your properties, they must get found. There is an entire world of tricks and tips in the SEO local world for painting contractors and the keywords are really important to understand how the algorithm works for finding you both in your Google My Business location. In the three pack and on the first page of Google are quite different where your location is, social proof, reviews, back links, content. There’s a lot to learn. If you’re going to get found and you’re not going to work with an agency or someone, make sure that you become a serious student of it.

Build for a Purpose

It changes all the time. You have to stay in front of it and you have to both build your properties for the bots, and the algorithm, and the AI, and you also have to build your site and your properties for humans, because if it’s not fit for human consumption, then the click-through … Rather, the bounce rate’s going to be real high and Google’s going to look at that and go, “Hmm? Built for us, not built for our consumers.” Which are the people that bring the eyes that allow them to charge the advertisement. Number two, is once you … Or number three, rather, once you have built your websites, once you have built your social media properties, once you have built other properties maybe for a specific purpose for generating leads maybe in another location, or for another service, you have to make sure that you have your sites set up and your properties set up for conversion. 

Every social media page, every directory platform, every website, every landing page has a conversion element. Meaning, when the human gets there, is there enough information on that site, that page, that blog post to give them what they need to feel comfortable requesting an estimate? Because frankly, no one looks at painting stuff for fun, not even you, and when they’re coming to your properties, they are looking to get a quote. Everything has to be built around capturing that opportunity, because frankly, when you’re looking for online leads in your painting company, you may not get a second opportunity. Number one, should you rent forever or should you buy and hold? Number two, can you be found? Number three, when you’re found, will people request an estimate?

Those are the big three things that you have to think about. We’ve only … This is just the tip of the iceberg, okay? If you want to learn more about this in a very industry specific fashion for repaint contractors only, I would suggest that you download the report and the free video training series on this page so that you can learn more about what’s really working for the nation’s most successful painting contractors online. I’m Brandon Lewis with Painters Academy and Painters Weekly saying good luck out there. Download the free resources. I hope it helps.

Take care.

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Office Admin
Office Admin
13:36 14 Sep 18
Been working with this marketing coach for 3+ years and seen phenomenal results. This Painting business coach has helped me keep painters in Missouri busy through the slow winter season and more than tripled our painting company's size. Don't settle for online painting leads that go nowhere. If you are a painting contractor who wants to leave more for your family than a garage full of used paint and some tools for a garage sale after you are gone, I recommend you contact Brandon ASAP. When it comes to help with marketing for painting companies, this is by far the best investment I have made in my painting more
Stephen Blauert
Stephen Blauert
13:21 13 Sep 18
Brandon definitely does A+ work! We met Brandon at a conference where he held a workshop on marketing for painting companies. We signed up for his coaching program on the spot, and he has helped us steer our company out of low-profit new construction to higher-profit repaint and residential work. We have always struggled to generate commercial painting leads, and Brandon has made that process simple and streamlined for us. We wholeheartedly recommend Brandon and his team. If you are a painting contractor you NEED to check out what he more
Brent Coffy
Brent Coffy
01:41 07 Sep 18
Amazing organization that is quickly moving to the forefront of the painting industry! Brandon KNOWS his stuff. He is innovative, yet has a keen knack for combining every form of marketing and sales techniques. He truly understands the power of utilizing everything from the latest in social media marketing, to video, to "old school" mail. Speaking of mail.... he will "read yours" if you give him 5! But, he will also quickly set you on a path that takes you from struggling in your business - toward success!read more
Jonathan Webb
Jonathan Webb
01:15 17 Sep 18
The APPC is a fantastic source of information, tactics, techniques, and procedures that will prove invaluable to any paint company owner who is interested in growing his business and increasing profitability. I highly recommend Brandon's programs, and as someone who has attended his invaluable presentations on marketing and recruiting, as well as his education about the "business end" of paint company ownership, I can give my highest and unconditional recommendation for these business development services. There is no better source of paint-company specific business information out more
Jeff Nestle
Jeff Nestle
23:00 07 Sep 18
The materials for the Academy for professional painters is top notch. I have found this information to be helpful for anyone in the painting industry. If your brand new to the business you will be miles ahead if you follow the program and instructions as given. As a seasoned painting contractor with over 40 years experience I have found that Brandon's information has been helpful and many ways and I would recommend to anyone looking to improve the quality of work and the bottom line to definitely be part of the program. J A Nestle with champion decor and Coatings Phoenix AZread more
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