How the 2016 Election Will Affect Painting Contractors

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Are you worried about today’s election? Probably so…

Admittedly, I am too. That’s why I want to make a prediction that should make you rather happy.

It’s a prediction based on spending years as a consultant, author, and speaker in the political world.

Here it is… It’s based on a concept Jim Rohn called “Not Much”… Let me explain…

If Hillary Clinton gets elected and you continue to operate your painting business just as it is, what improvement can you expect… Not Much, I’d say.

If Donald Trump gets elected and you continue to operate your painting business just as it is, what improvement can you expect… Not Much, I’d say.

What if the economy got a little better, what would that do? Not Much…

 What if your family and friends because more supportive and less aggravating? Would that change your business? Not Much…

 What if the low-priced painters in your area raised their prices a little? What would that mean? Not Much…

 Here’s The ProblemWe Spend So Much Time Worrying About Things Outside of Our Control That It Distracts Us from Acting on the BIG THINGS We CAN CHANGE!

What would it mean if you focused on driving 30% more leads in your business this year? What would that do? A Whole Lot!

If you could move your closing rate from 30% to 40% what would that mean? A Whole Lot!

If you could cut your marketing costs by half and still see better results by keeping your past customers from leaving you year after year, what would that do to your bottom line? A Whole Lot!

What if you could increase your average project ticket by $400? What would that produce? A Whole Lot!

The Bottom Line Is ThisTODAY, You Can Become Emotionally Involved In Worrying About Things That Can Make “A WHOLE LOT” of Difference In Your Painting Business or “NOT MUCH” At All!

 Which will you choose? Which have you already chosen? Can you decide to make a change?

Disclaimer: I voted. I gave. I’m a fan of more freedom, less taxation, and smaller government. I’ve seen the sausage made and I have more trust in people like you than people in government.

This is a shock, I know…

However, once those responsible things were done, I made a conscious decision to tune out the election and focus on my family, my friends, and the small circle of people I can help – people like you and those in my church community and fraternity.

So, here’s my BIG PREDICTION: If you’ll focus on your company, the things you can control, your business will grow and prosper no matter who is elected. If you fail to act or change and hope outside circumstances will improve your situation, you’re robbing yourself of assured success.

Here’s to your growth and happiness… no matter how this ugly mess turns out.

Your Friend in Painting Profits,

Brandon Lewis

The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors

1523 E. 27th Street

Chattanooga, TN 37404

Direct Line: 423-800-0520


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