Battling Your Way to a Better Painting Company

Battling for a Better Painting Company

This morning, I was thinking about you and owners like you at the Alamo in San Antonio, TX…

I thought to myself… For a lot of owners, every day and every year probably feels like the hopeless siege at the Alamo…

1 – You’re outnumbered and surrounded by “enemies” on all side

2 – Resources and ammunition is running low

3 – You believe in your company 100% and to battle to defend it

4 – But, no matter how hard you fight, it feels like a losing battle…

No matter how many times I watch “The Alamo” with John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart, I always hope for a different ending. Sadly, the grisly end, although heroic, is always the same.

However, if you feel like your painting business-battle is never-ending and that you’re headed for financial defeat, let me give you three tips to push back your enemies…

turning around a painting company

#1 Really Commit to the Fight – At the Alamo, Davy Crockett didn’t say, “Ok boys, we’ll fire a few shots at the Mexican army. If they don’t retreat, we’ll have a good lunch and maybe try again…or maybe not. Sound ok?”

Nope, they were 100% committed to victory. Most owners have never really committed themselves to doing what it takes to become wealthy in the painting industry. You see, few owners would EVER walk away from an unfinished project, sloppy paint lines, or a giant mess in a customer’s kitchen. It’s unacceptable.

However, many owners start marketing efforts and never see them through. Owners live with sloppy sales systems that produce terrible results and force them to compete on price. Their customer retention and referral generation systems are a total mess – or worse yet, absent altogether.

Take a close look at your business systems. Have you really committed to the fight? Or are you just “playing solider” in your business?

#2 Call for Reinforcements Early – Unfortunately, reinforcements arrived too late at the Alamo. Political and logistical circumstances prevented them from assisting in the defense of the mission.

Know this: Your current circumstance is much, much better than you realize. Right now, you can call on reinforcements BEFORE your situation becomes dire, stagnant, and hopeless.

There are resources for business growth at the click of a button. There are mentors who can help you with every aspect of your painting business so you don’t have to reinvent the battle plan. There are communities of high achieving professionals who can be a shoulder to lean on.

Running your business as if you’re defending a lone, forsaken outpost is just plain dumb these days. Call in the cavalry long before you need them – today.

#3 Win the War, Even If You Lose the Occasional Battle – Building a republic, or a successful painting business, ain’t easy. Davy Crockett said, “Some days you wrestle the bear, some days the bear wrestles you.”

Learning new skills is psychologically painful and mentally draining. Taking a risk with money or time to improve your business systems is unsettling. Trying new strategies can be downright scary, yet the results can be fulfilling and rewarding.

Occasionally, you’ll make your best effort and fall flat on your butt! So what? Who cares? Try again!

Sometimes, you’ll run out of willpower and fail to follow-through. Remember this: Failing does not make you a failure – but failing to try your best does.

Right now, as you are reading this, you may be living where you don’t want to live, driving a car you don’t want to drive, and running a company you don’t want to run. You may feel like life and all it has to offer has eluded your grasp.

Are you tired of it? My advice? Get mad about it. Make a change. Take action. Channel your dissatisfaction into motivated action.

When Davy Crockett lost his last election, he didn’t take it lying down. On his way out the door, he flatly told his political advisories, “You may go to hell, and I will go to Texas!” And he did…

His last acts of bravery, although they did not win the battle at the Alamo, set events in motion that changed the world.

How “bravely” are you acting in your business? How well are you fighting your fight? How committed are you… really?

How will your “war for painting success” conclude? Will you establish your own “republic of financial independence?”

My answer? Yes you can… and yes you will. You’ve only to commit, reinforce, and persist.

What now?

Need reinforcements? Download the free report, CD, and video training program o how to grow a better painting company on this page.

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