Why Painting Contractors Should Incorporate Social Media Into Their SEO Strategy

Let’s talk about mixing social media with SEO to boost your online game. Think of it like making a smoothie. You’ve got your SEO, which is like your fruits, and social media, which is like your juice. Blend them together, and you’ve got a tasty mix that makes your online presence pop!

So, what’s this blend all about? It’s about using social media to give your website’s search rankings a nudge. By sharing cool stuff, chatting with your followers, and getting your content out there, you’re basically waving a big flag to search engines saying, “Hey, look at me!”

When we started mixing social media into our SEO recipe, we noticed more people visiting our site. It was like throwing a party and having more guests show up because they heard about it from friends.

But why does this mix work so well? Well, even though likes and shares don’t directly bump painting contractors up in search results, they do get more eyes on your content. More visibility means more people might drop by your site, and that’s always a win. Plus, if people keep seeing your brand around, they’ll start to recognize and trust you more. That can make them more likely to click on your site when it pops up in their search results.

Now, how can painting contractors get in on this action? Here are some tips:

Spruce up your social media profiles. Make them look good and consistent across different platforms. Add a catchy bio and link back to your site or something cool you offer.

Post regularly. It’s like watering a plant. You need to keep at it to see it grow. But don’t overdo it. What’s just right on one platform might be too much on another. On the flip side, if you are not going to post regularly, it can hurt your rankings. Google wants users to have a good “user-experience”. If you are not giving your followers frequent updates and posts, Google can ding your rankings.

Make your posts irresistible. Think catchy headlines, stunning images, and don’t be shy to ask for shares. It’s like asking friends to pass the ketchup. Sometimes, you just need to ask.

Make your website content easy to share. High-quality, engaging stuff is more likely to get passed around. And don’t forget those social sharing buttons. They’re like putting handles on your smoothie cup, making it easier for everyone to grab and go.

Mix in some videos. They’re like the sprinkles on top. Videos can make your content even more engaging and shareable.

Bring a bit of your social media magic to your website by adding a feed. It’s like showing off your party photos, making everyone wish they were there.

Keep the conversation going. Engage with your audience and keep the buzz alive. Respond to comments, share user-generated content, and actively participate in conversations!

And remember, use keywords smartly, just like seasoning your food. They help people find your tasty content.

Don’t forget the hashtags. Hashtags are basically keywords. They help you to categorize your content and help social media users find it. But be careful with hashtags! Their use differs from platform to platform. On Facebook, you hardly use them at all, while on Instagram, they are everywhere!

Now, if all this talk about blending social media and SEO has you excited but wondering where to start, we’ve got your back at Painters Academy. We’re all about helping painting contractors shine online. So, if you’re ready to boost your online presence and make your website the place to be, drop us a line. Let’s make your online presence as vibrant and inviting as a masterpiece on canvas!


  1. Kiraliee Medina on February 22, 2024 at 11:17 am

    Our company had a Facebook but we rarely used it. I never thought of how NOT using your social media could actually hurt ranking. Great points!

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