Google’s Local Service Ads – Are They Worth Your Time?

Ever heard of Google’s Local Service Ads? It’s like getting a VIP badge for your business right on Google’s search results. Imagine someone in your town looking for a service you offer, and boom, there you are at the top, with a shiny “Google Guaranteed” badge. It’s a game-changer because it puts you front and center, making you stand out from the crowd.

If you think this is just a fad, keep this in mind, Google insiders are claiming that Google is banking on Local Service Ads to be the biggest thing since Google Business Profiles. They claim that if you are not in it for 2024, you will lose out on A LOT of job offers.

Here’s the scoop on how it works: It’s a bit different from the usual Google Ads (pay-per-click). Instead of jostling for space in traditional search results, Local Service Ads give you a special spot. It’s like having a reserved table at a busy restaurant. When folks search for a service you provide, your ad pops up first, shining in the spotlight.

Now, not every business can jump on this bandwagon yet, but if you’re a painter, you’re in luck! Painters are on the guest list for this party.

Getting your business listed is pretty straightforward. Just hop onto Google’s LSA signup page, answer some questions, and show Google you’re the real deal with the necessary licenses and insurance. They’ll even run a background check to make sure everything’s on the up and up.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be. Signing up doesn’t cost a dime. You only pay when a potential customer reaches out through the ad, kind of like buying a lead. And while costs can vary, many businesses find they’re spending around $65 for each hot lead they get.

And no, these ads aren’t just about making calls. They show up with a handy map, your phone number, and even your website and a way to message you directly. It’s all about making it super easy for customers to say, “Hey, I need your services!”


Wondering how your ads are doing? There’s a dashboard for that. It shows how many leads you’re getting from your ad, and you can even challenge leads that don’t pan out so you’re not paying for duds.

Now, if all this talk about Local Service Ads has you thinking, “That sounds great, but where do I even start?” that’s where the online leads dept at Painters Academy comes in. We’re like your personal guide in the world of online advertising. From setting up your Google LSA account to making sure your ads shine, we’ve got your back. Ready to make your business the talk of the town? Reach out to John at onlineleads @, and let’s get you that VIP spot on Google’s search results.

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