The #1 Killer of Painting Company Profits… Do You Do It?


That’s how many in-depth, hour-long Business Diagnostic Assessments I’ve conducted for owners of painting businesses.

Could you imagine spending 692 hours crawling around “under the hood” of every type of painting company imaginable?

Do you want to know what the #1 killer of painting company profits is?

Maybe you think it’s low-ball competitors… Nope.

Perhaps it’s cheap clients… Negative.

Poor hiring decisions… Incorrect.

Terrible marketing and sales… sorta, but not really.

I’ll tell you what it is. The ROOT cause of all problems related to low-income, high-stress, and a failure to build the company of your dreams…

It’s WAITING to TAKE ACTION on important yet uncomfortable DECISIONS. Let me explain…

At least once a week, I get the opportunity to speak to a different owner in his late 60’s. Someone staring retirement in the face with no hope of selling his painting business “as is.” And not enough money in savings.

Finally, he has determined it’s time to “do something” about the business-end of his business.

While I’m excited to have the opportunity to help him discover “found money” in his company, my mind races over how much it has cost to…

• Close at lower rates for 21 years…

• Pay twice as much for a painting lead for 7 years…

• Under-price your services for 14 years…

• Live with anxiety and uncertainty for 3 years…

In the end, the COST of WAITING to TAKE ACTION costs owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal income… often MILLIONS. Not counting decades of ulcer-inducing worry.

Here’s the gospel TRUTH (small “g”): If you know there is a problem in your painting business, fix it TODAY.

If you know there is an opportunity for your painting company, seize it TODAY.

If you know there is an educational skill gap, get the resources you need to succeed TODAY.

Painting business dreams do not DIE on the OPERATING TABLE… they DIE in the WAITING ROOM.

If you’ve been “waiting” for the perfect opportunity to, STOP. Break the habit of timid procrastination NOW.

Stop WAITING for opportunity. Start MANUFACTURING it on your own terms.

Brandon Lewis
Painters Academy
Painters Weekly

P.S. Got questions? Call the office this weekend or reply to this post. 423-800-0520.

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6 months ago
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6 months ago
Brandon has great insight and content in the painting industry. He definitely has the pulse on the industry. His insights has helped me tremendously in...
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6 months ago
I first met Brandon several years ago at the Sherwin Willliams Pro Show. My "take away"... I was sitting up front, second row, and he asked...
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6 months ago
Brandon is the man! Just follow his easy guide and and he will have you doing things you never thought were possible. Great for any...
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Discover the key to unlocking the hidden income potential in your painting business.