Ask These 2 Questions At the Paint Store – The Answers Will Shock You!

Ask These 2 Questions At the Paint Store – The Answers Will Shock You!

Hey, it’s Brandon Lewis. I’m here at the paint store this morning. I thought I’d stop by on my way into work, and I’m going to give you a challenge if you dare take it: I dare you to ask two questions the next time you go to the paint store…

The first thing I want you to do is walk up to the coffee pot and find another owner.

You probably know the owners of lots of different painting companies right there in your area. I want you to ask the owner, point blank, “Hey, you know that winter is coming and our demand goes down to about a third. Do you have a written plan for keeping your profits flowing? Do you have a written plan for keeping your crews working this winter?” See what he says.

When you ask him if he has a plan of any sort, even if it’s not written, to keep his painters busy, chances are, it’s, “Maybe I’ll drop my drawers and discount my prices,” but for the most part his savings, his crews, his income are all going to be diminished.

If you want to ask a second question that’s even more revealing, you might ask him this, “Hey John, you know, you and I have been doing this for about 10, 20 years now. How many years did you spend before you think you really got good at painting? I mean really got good at cutting in, rolling, spraying, knowing exactly what products to use in exactly the right circumstance?”

He might tell you two, three, five years. Now let me ask you this, have you ever taken a season in your life to learn how to run the business end of your painting business? Sales, marketing, operations, management. Did you ever decide to take a year, six months, three months, two years to learn how to run the business end of your painting business? Chances are, he took years learning how to paint, and he probably never took a day learning how to effectively and profitably run his business.

Let me ask you a question. Is that you? Are you the owner without the plan? Are you the owner who never took a season of his life to invest in himself and learn how to run an effective, powerful, profitable, consistent, steady, and equitable painting business?

If the answer is yes, please, I am begging you, sign up for this winter diagnostic call before open enrollment closes in just a couple of days. You have nothing to lose. I’ll take a diagnostic look at all of the sales, marketing, and operations of components of your painting business, give you detailed recommendations that you can take and make this the best winter ever. If you’d like to be part of our program that’s great, but if not, you’ll still walk away with some amazing resources.

Listen, being in the painting business, going to the paint store, putting the paint on the wall, that’s not all there is to it. In fact, it’s probably the least important part of your painting business. If you want to succeed, if you want to be really profitable, and really wealthy, and you want to build equity, take a season of your life to protect yourself against the winter slowdown. Take a season of your life to learn how to run the business end of your business. I hope to talk to you soon.

It’s Brandon Lewis with the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors, saying make that call.  Click this link today: CLICK HERE

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  1. kevin rodgers says:

    IS your class available to international customers.

  2. Brandon Lewis says:

    Yes, we have students in Canada and Australia. We serve all English speaking countries Kevin.

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