Painting Company Business Coach

Are you looking for a coach or consultant for your painting company or business? Is it right for you?

Maybe. maybe not…

When you first started your painting business, were you excited about how it could transform your life?

I was thinking about this very subject when Kristin and I were sitting on the beach this weekend. So, I thought I’d write this quick post for you…

I thought about how much my painting business changed my life – my income, free time, and how it let me free myself from debt and it worry it causes. Are you where you want to be?

The reason I ask is this: Week after week, I get on the phone with owners who are living where they don’t want to live, driving cars they don’t want to drive, and doing things they don’t want to do.

You may think that your situation can’t be dramatically improved at all. That painting is hopeless.

Or, you may already have a successful painting business but want more out of it, but you’re afraid it will mean dramatic changes.

Even successful painting contractors need a business coach! I personally work with two different coaches: One advises me on the the APPC’s digital marketing services for painting contractors and the other advises me on membership retention.

You see, I’m a true believer that a proven mentor can get you twice the results in half the time.

Here’s the truth: There are only seven metrics that really matter in your painting business and five business systems that control them.

Here’s my promise to you: If you get on the phone with me for 60-minutes, I will give you a detailed analysis of exactly what you need to do to improve the financial performance of your painting business.

And I’ll do it free of charge.

All you have to do it reply to this post, visit the contact us page, or call me at 423-800-0520. We’ll set up a time to talk that works for both of us.

I’ll coach you through the steps you need to take to make your painting company more profitable.

What do you think ?

Not ready for a call? Request the free report, CD, and video training series on this page!

It’s a good place to start your coaching and consulting journed for painting contractors.

Brandon Lewis
Painting Company Business Coach
The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors


  1. Rex Corley on October 13, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Hi Brandon,
    I have been selling paint to homeowners for 4 years.
    I just hired Nick Martin to help me grow Masterpiece Painting.
    He was a salesman for Imperial Painting here in Denver.
    I LOVE selling paint!!!!! I have never had a passion for anything like this before. We sell Sherwin Williams Emerald primarily. I have a killer presentation! I want to have 10-20 salespeople this time next year.
    Vivax is number one here in Denver. I believe with your help we can be better than they are.
    I’m smart & focused.
    Please help me build Masterpiece into a paint giant in Denver.

    • Brandon Lewis on October 13, 2017 at 2:20 pm

      Rex, I’d be happy to speak with you. Jennifer from my office will be in touch shortly. Enthusiastically committing to being a serious student is step one: I can sense you have lots of enthusiasm, and that’s a good sign. We’ll talk with you soon!

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