Opinions About Running a Painting Business


A lot of people have a lot of opinions about running a painting business.

If you read the posts on Facebook groups for painters, you’ll see that.

Not only does everyone have a strong opinion, each painter is convinced he’s 100% right – on everything. I’m only exaggerating a little bit.

You know this is a fact if you’ve been in painting long.

Painters love to argue with me about my methods. At least at first.

They love to meet every suggestion with some imagined exception. Some excuse for keeping everything exactly like it is in their business.

They want the change in results without any changes in behavior, mindset or habits.

Good luck with that.

Here is the #1 sign you are doing it right in painting. Ready?

Your operational banking account should be increasing each and every month.

If you aren’t having to transfer money out of that account and into savings, at least every quarter, you are doing something – or several things – wrong.

You may have a different opinion about this, but you can’t deposit “opinions” for retirement or investment. They don’t value those at financial institutions.

Painting is a simple cash-flow business, yet people try to overcomplicate it.

Men, in particular, are stubborn – even when it costs them and their families a good livelihood.

They will get in an arduous, unproductive rut and stay there. Even if it’s self-defeating. Even if lasts for decades – or until death.

There is a huge conflict in the painting industry: Everyone knows everything, but most are broke. That’s an industry reality from an earnings standpoint. You can look it up.

If there is an area in your painting business that isn’t going well – like hiring, management, sales, or job profitability – you can certainly live with it.

It will not kill you to keep a problem like you’d keep a pet.

If you set your expectations low enough, you can be happy with almost anything.

There is no real “emergency” here.

However, I bet it’s not why you got in this business. To be average. Or below average.

If you are working like crazy this season, but don’t have much to show for it, why would you continue in this way?

You can make the same amount just sitting at home – collecting some of that good government unemployment that has killed the labor market for us.

But, if you want to get paid more for your effort, there is a better way.

Maybe you’ve ignored my emails and videos for a long time.

Many do…

You don’t “have the money.” You don’t “have the time.”

You don’t trust the little redneck man.

I get it. However, all I ask is this…

Give me 60-minutes on the phone with you to review your painting business systems thoroughly.

60-minutes to see why you are working so hard yet making less than you should.

Even if you are doing well, there is a very good chance you could do much better with the same amount of effort and time.

Listen: I never hard sell people.


I can make the Eagles fly higher, but I cannot turn Turkeys into Eagles.

Nor do I try.

If you’d like to fly higher and reach your full potential, all you have to do is…




Reply to this post or give me a call.

It could change your life. It has changed the life of hundreds.

That, my friend, is up to you.

Do you reply? Or do you repeat the same behavior that creates the same result?

It’s your call…

Have a great weekend!

Yours Truly,

Brandon Lewis
Founder, The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors

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