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My Friend Eric the Concrete Guy

One of my best friends is named Eric. He owns a successful concrete and foundation repair business he started right out of college - at age the "ripe-old age" of 22. (Here's a picture of me, Kristin, Amy, and Eric in the Bahamas a few years ago.) Eric and I met when I formed a ...

Contractors: Never, EVER Email Your Painting Estimates

Are you emailing your painting estimates? If so, you're costing yourself tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands per year in lost profits! In an article I just wrote for The Paint Contractor Magazine, I outline exactly why emailing your painting estimates leads to low closing rates, low gross sales, wasted time, and low ...

Six BIG Reasons Painters Should Market Thier Painting Services “Hard” When They’re Busy

Do you think that marketing is something you should ONLY do when you’re slow, hungry, or desperate? If you do, you’re not alone. It is the prevailing opinion of many painting contractors – mainly the poorer ones. Let me give you SIX BIG REASONS why you should be marketing even MORE when you’re busy… #1 - ...

Two Gigantic Holes In Your Painting Profits Bucket & The Enormous Cost of Letting It Leak!

Many Painting Contractors Aren’t Even Aware of the “Major Holes” In Their Painting Profits Bucket – Most Spend All Their Time “Plugging” the Tiniest Leaks and Ignoring the Largest “Cash Killers” of All! Have you ever made an AMAZING discovery before in your life? Have you “accidentally” learned…   *A way to do something much ...

Protected: Exclusive APPC Member Benefit: Your At Home Monthly Newsletter, May Edition

As an exclusive benefit to APPC Members, we send out a done-for-you newsletter each month so you may stay in contact with your most important target market: past customers! Please find the documents below: Newsletter Marketing Quick Tip Sheet At Home Newsletter Template May At Home Monthly NewlsetterTemplate for 6 x 9 Envelope May Why do we ...

Why Your Painting Company’s Marketing Doesn’t Work – The Detailed Answer

I'll bet the last $20.00 bill in my pocket (if my wife doesn't already have it) that you could tell me what causes paint failure most of the time. You probably know, just off the top of your head, the handful of things that are the most common culprits of coatings catastrophes. You've been around ...

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"I produced $232,000 or 3,000 hours in booked labor in about 45 days. Client really, really enjoyed it. They thought it was clever, interesting, and loved being considered a V.I.P. I've never had a result this amazing and we've done our share of marketing."

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"I turned $483.00 into an extra $34,065.00 within 45-days using the Customer Reactivation Campaign."

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"I really do enjoy the prospect of engaging more with my customers. What I realized is that there are plenty of names on my list that I don't really remember or know, so this process is really helping me to 'purify my list.' Thank you for doing such a great job with these and helping me get moving on communication with my company's greatest asset."

5 keys that will open the door to guaranteed success in painting.

If you are struggling with sales, marketing, hiring or management, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Use these field-tested strategies to improve essential business systems in your painting company.