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Stewart Proves That Massive Action and Follow Through Can Produce Big Results In a Short Time Frame

I must admit that even I was SHOCKED! When Stewart joined us on our Monthly Members-Only Mentoring Q&A Call, he had something pretty amazing to tell everyone.

“I’m going out to look at a $300,000 job because of the commercial lead generation strategy you told me about,” Stewart chimed-in to the group. While this kind of break-through is NOT unusual, the speed at which Stewart implemented this strategy just about gave me whiplash! Let me explain why…

You see, Stewart had been a member of the APPC for less than a week when he joined us for our monthly call. During our One-on-One Quick Start Mentoring Call a few days before, I made a handful of recommendations for Stewart that were tailored for his specific situation.

While the results of the strategies are not astounding, the speed at which Stewart IMPLEMENTED the strategies was truly quite impressive. When I got on a follow up call with Stewart to check-in on his progress, here’s what I discovered.

Since last we spoke, Stewart had already…

*Taken the first step in reactivating his past customer list and received excellent feedback from his clients.

*Implemented the first two steps in the Neighborhood Blitz Program to close one repaint project.

*Bid $328,000 in commercial and residential repaint projects using the strategies we covered one-on-one and in the Quick-Start Guide to Fast-Cash Repaint Profits

*Discovered and implemented a neighborhood association lead generation strategy that was so effective he swore me to secrecy (Don’t worry Stewart, your secret is safe with me!)

One more thing that you MUST know about Stewart’s mad dash toward growth is this – he ran into some hiccups.

The Secret of “Ignoring the Bumps”

Very often as painting contractors, especially when we are learning concepts that are strange or “foreign” to us, we run into challenges…

*A small percentage of your target audience complains about the assertiveness and thoroughness of your marketing so you get “cowed” into considering something less effective. (Ignoring that you received twenty good leads to every “take me off the list” call! Believe me, these types of customers are in EVERY population, so push on!)

*We get pushed into a “time crunch” so we ignore the most profitable activities in our business to focus on the least profitable, routine aspects of painting. (Like running one more bucket of paint out to a job thirty-minutes from the office, continually checking emails, goofing off on social media, and obsessing over the wrong things.)

*Instead of learning a new skill-set, buying a resource, or “hiring out” a particular marketing function, we get “stuck” because we feel the momentary “pain of thinking” and abandon a critical marketing project that is half-done instead of fully implementing the strategy. (You must beg, borrow, and in some cases STEAL the knowledge, tools, and time to make your business work for you in the long-run – not just in the moment.)

*And finally…When we pursue a marketing course of action that doesn’t produce the returns we desire, we abandon the pursuit all too soon instead of refining, retooling, and re-launching to improve response rates and conversion to sale. (Remember that failure and success are always only a hairsbreadth apart from each other!)

Now, Stewart did not run into ALL of these problems, but he did run into a few. He had to ignore a few rules, beg for forgiveness a couple of times (which is always easier than asking for permission), and move forward with a marketing strategy or two that he did not “fully understand” under this simple premise…

Massive Action, Fast Implementation, and Quick Decision-Making When You Are 80% Right, Beats Slow, Second-Guessing, Hand-Wringing 100% of the Time for Wealth Attraction and Producing Quick ROI’s!

So, my hat’s off to Stewart! Congratulations on making such astounding headway in such a short period of time.

Brandon Lewis, B.S., M.B.A.
Director of the Marketing Department
The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors
Department: 423-800-0520

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