Running a Successful Painting Business According to Heather

Running a Successful Painting Business According to Heather

Running a successful painting business doesn’t have to be a chore. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel… and you don’t have to go it alone. Listen to what Heather has to say…

What Heather Had to Say About Her APPC Experience:

“I’m Heather Hall and we have been members of the APPC for a little under two years. I was actually looking through a painting magazine and saw an article that featured Brandon and was very intrigued by his resources. We were a new business in the industry and I just thought,

“Wow. If this is painters coming together, this is really cool and we need to be a part of it.” I ordered the CD and received the information and my husband and I looked at it and we talked about it and thought that it was absolutely what our company needed. We had a little bit concern because we were a new company and at that time, we were thinking, “Okay, do we really need to invest in this?” We just kind of looked at each other and said, “We’ve got to do this.”

Today, we are just so thankful that we did. We are thankful for the resources that Brandon has provided us, the resources that he continues to provide us. The accountability is amazing. Just to be able to hear what other people in our industry, other painting contractors, what they have to say.

You can just learn so much off and from each other. I just think it’s amazing that what Brandon has to offer brings all of us together. We have seen significant change in our business over that time period since we first joined. We have increased our crew from three employees to actually 15. We are currently looking for more painters right now. We are growing. We increased our gross profit revenue by 30% last year and we are on target for our goal for 2017.

We landed several really large commercial jobs, which has been a huge impact on our business. We are just thankful and grateful for the resources and for Brandon because we believe that without the things that he has given us, there’s no way that we would be where we are today.

I would say to you that if you have one thing that needs to be improved in your business, or if you have 100 things that need to be improved, today is the day. I would not waste any more time. I would get in contact with Brandon, sign up, receive the resources, do what he encourages you to do, and you will be forever changed. Your business will be forever changed. Thank you.”

If you’re looking to run a successful painting business – or take your existing painting business to the next level – request the free CD, report, and video training series on this page!

2 Responses

  1. Chris Haught says:

    Great testimonial, Brandon is an asset to the industry!

  2. Brandon Lewis says:

    Thanks Chris… High praise coming from you! Great to hear from you!

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