Never Discount Winter Work for Past Painting Clients!

Never Discount Winter Work for Past Painting Clients!

Everyone wants to keep their painting business busy during the Winter – but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. The WRONGEST way you can do it is to discount your work for past clients and this video explains that.

Here’s the Link I Mentioned In the Video

Hey guys, it’s Brandon Lewis. I’m coming to you from New York City where I’m here to do some consulting work with a national client on how they can improve their sales process and I wanted to give you a piece of advice.

Recently I saw a huge promotion from a national franchise, I will not name them, encouraging their owners to discount their winter work to keep their painters busy, marketing back to their existing client list.

I’m here to tell you that that is a terrible idea. You see, work coming from your existing client list happens anyway. Most people barely scratch the surface of this potential winter revenue stream. They may send a weak and wimpy email to their list. They may send a discount postcard. They may send a Christmas card. And they think that they have gotten all of the work there is in their customer list.

That kind of half-hearted effort leaves tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in winter sales on the table.

Unless you do a multi-step, multimedia campaign that includes mail, email, phone and Facebook custom audiences, you are leaving at least 80% of all that business untouched. Work from past clients will happen anyway. They want to use you, please do not discount it because when you do that money comes directly out of your wallet without any additional benefit for “keeping painters busy.”

Instead, go after commercial repaint clients for winter work. Go after churches and non-profits and keep your painters busy by doing that, or just decide that you’re going to ramp up your referral marketing to other home service companies. It could be ramping up your referrals to other commercial service companies, but do not discount your work back to existing clients – or even unconverted leads.

Right now, we are in the middle of our open enrollment period where you have an opportunity to sign up for a free winter preparedness diagnostic call. I hope you will take me up on this opportunity to do that. I hope that you will listen and learn about the tools and strategies that we have – tools others have found that you can use to make this winter your best ever. On this call, you get to discover the strategies other high performing painting companies are using.

I’d better get off the street here before somebody steals my camera. I’m Brandon Lewis with the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors. Click this link. Get on this diagnostic call now to figure out how you can protect your savings, your crews and your personal income from the ravages of winter. Take care.

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