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Hiring Ideas for Painting Business or Company Looking for Quality Painters

If you are trying to figure out how to hire quality painters for your painting contractor business, beware of a HUGE MYTH circulating in the painting industry: That there is a shortage of quality painters and that the trades are in utter decline – it simply isn’t so… In Only 4 Questions, This Video Destroys the “Painter […]

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Referral Marketing for Painting Contractors & House Painters

Recently, I wrote a two-part article in APC Magazine entitled “Word-of-Mouth Advertising Is a Big, Fat Lie”… Tell me if you think I’m on to something or going in the wrong direction: Word-of-Mouth Article Part One Word-of-Mouth Article Part Two You see, so many painters want word-of-mouth referrals and many claim that it is the […]

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Email & Mail Newsletters for House Painters and Painting Contractors

Everyone uses someone for a service whose performance is only mediocre… even though you know you could probably find a better provider. Maybe it’s the person who cuts your hair or mows your lawn. Maybe it’s your accountant or a restaurant you frequent. They’re “ok,” but far from outstanding. So, why do you keep using […]

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Painting Company Business Coach

Are you looking for a coach or consultant for your painting company or business? Is it right for you? Maybe. maybe not… When you first started your painting business, were you excited about how it could transform your life? I was thinking about this very subject when Kristin and I were sitting on the beach […]

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Answering Service for Painting Contractors and House Painters

If you run a painting business, you know how important it is to answer the phone live. However, you may not understand how high the call abandonment rate is for voicemail, busy signals, and after hour’s calls… and exactly how much money in can cost your painting business (see graph below audio program): CLICK PLAYER […]

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Running a Successful Painting Business Means Being a Serious Student

The secret to running a successful painting business is this: You have to be serious about the “business end” of your painting business – not just “doing a quality job” and “treating customers right.” Customer service is the beginning, not the end of the journey… and these owners realize that fact. In every city, there […]

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How to Get Painting Contracts – 11 Unspoken Questions You Must Answer or Lose the Job

Assuming that a client trusts you is dangerous – in fact it costs owners untold thousands each and every year. Feeling as if you are entitled to the client’s trust because of your reputation is pure fantasy. Often, as painting contractors, we think that because we arrive in an embroidered shirt and drive a logoed, […]

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4 Signs of a Weak Estimating & Sales System

  This morning, I got to speak to an awesome group of Fresh Coat owners in San Antonio, TX about closing rates and profit margins. Right now, I’m sitting in the airport… about to fly to San Diego and speak at the PDCA EXPO… But I wanted to talk with you about closing rates and […]

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Marketing a Painting Company for Quick Results

How fast can you market in your painting company? Make no mistake – wealth is attracted to speed. The faster you can identify opportunities and implement them, the more momentum you will build. After doing in-depth business diagnostic reviews with over 350 painting contractors, here’s what I’ve discovered… Most owners fail to meet their potential, […]

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2017 Painting Profits Summit Review

Click Here to Check Out all the Pictures on Facebook Please Tag Yourself and Like the Page Owning a painting business is tough. There are tons of challenges. Often, you feel like you are struggling in isolation… alone. This past weekend, owners from all over the U.S. discovered they are not alone. They discovered a […]

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