Need help with your painting business – But too embarrassed to ask?


First, let me make something clear: Just because there is something wrong with your painting business does not mean there is something wrong with you.

For most painting contractors, men especially, our personal identities – and even sense of self-worth – are tied up in the performance of our business.

Need Help With Your Painting Business - But Too Embarrassed to Ask

If the business is performing well, our self-esteem is high. If the business is struggling or failing in some respect, our self-esteem goes down.

As providers for our families, this is understandable – but not necessarily helpful for taking the steps necessary to make changes or solve difficult problems.

Often, we are afraid to ask for help for a handful of reasons:

Embarrassment & Privacy: Just as many people will not go to the doctor about a health problem until it is too late or harder to address, many men fear speaking with a “business doctor.”

Quacks & Charlatans: We’ve all been given bad advice in our life by doctors, mechanics, and white-collar professionals. Admittedly, it is a gamble any time you ask for help.

Comfort Zones: When you work to implement anything new, it can be difficult. It may cause momentary anxiety. You may have to make multiple attempts to follow through. So, it feels easier to stay with what’s familiar – even if it has proven not to work.

Pride: It says in the Bible that “pride comes before a fall.” Many men and women as so proud, they would rather defend a lie than seek the benefits of the truth.

Fear of Failure: Trying a new method of conducting business will take work, discipline and persistence. It’s not easy to make real money in a painting business, but it is SIMPLE once you know what to do, how to do it and have the tools and support you need. Yes, you may fail. But, if you are already failing in some aspect of your business, it’s worth trying.

Needing help with your painting business

Listen, I do not know – exactly – why I wrote you this post today in this candid way.

Most will ignore this message.

A few will be “insulted.”

But, for a handful, it will resonate. They will recognize, with gritted teeth, that it is time to take action.

Those few – like you – are the ones I’m writing to.

I know it’s the “busy season.” However, the #1 hallmark of successful painting contractors is this:

They take the time to make their businesses better in all seasons.

If you can only work toward excellence when you aren’t “busy,” you’ll only have a few weeks a year to do it. And we both know that’s not enough of a time commitment to build anything better.

And, working through another season with broken systems or incorrect methods will simply lead to another year of being “busy but broke” – or at least less profitable than you otherwise would be.

If you are open to the idea of getting help, all you have to is email or call 423-800-0520.

That’s it.

A few strokes of the keyboard.

We’ll set up a time to speak.

I’ll offer you some advice.

Tell you about what we do.

You make up your mind.

No pressure.

That’s it.

Let me know if you are interested.

Regardless, I hope you, your business and your family are doing well.

Enough of this blathering…

I’ve got to get back to work myself!


Brandon Lewis
Founder of the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors
Marking 8+ Years of Helping Painters Get Profitable

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