Digital Marketing Diagnostic Assessment & Local Leads Report Questionnaire

Thanks so much for purchasing your Digital Marketing Diagnostic Assessment & Local Leads Report. We have worked with 100’s of painting businesses to help them grow in a predictable, profitable manner. We are excited to put our in-depth painting industry knowledge and proven track record to work for you!

We will be producing an actionable report for you after examining the following elements:

  • How Well Your Current Website and Web-Properties Convert Visitors Into Estimate Requests
  • How Strong Your Local Competitors Are In Online Search In Your Primary Market and a Candid Assessment of What it Will Take to Overcome Them
  • An Examination of Secondary Markets and Terms Where Digital Opportunities May Lie Hidden In Plain Sight
  • Your Current Systems for Retaining Past Clients & Generating Online Reviews Through Digital Channels
  • Your Current Efforts for Educating Potential Clients BEFORE the Estimate to Increase Closing Rates and Build Trust

In order to give you the MOST VALUE for your Digital Marketing Diagnostic Assessment & Local Leads Report, we need your help in gathering information that ONLY you will know!

Breaking into your local market online requires your partnership and participation! We look forward to helping you succeed in your digital efforts! Let’s get started!

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