Commercial Painting Leads – Should You Be Marketing for Them?

When work gets slow in the winter, residential repaint contractors will often turn their attention to other markets to keep painters busy and income flowing.

There are two markets these contractors often explore: new construction residential and commercial repaints.

New construction residential is a losing game. Margins are low, supervision is necessarily high, pay is slow, and the schedule is disruptive. Further, there is always a chance that if something goes wrong, the meager profits will be wiped out.

Then, there is zero equity – meaning the client relationship is not owned by the painter.

Commercial repaints, on the other hand, are almost the exact opposite. Margins are high, supervision is rarely different from residential repaints, pay is 30-60 days, the schedule is set, projects more predictable and you own the client relationship.

Compared to residential repaints, the transaction sizes are higher and the amount of work coming from one prolific relationship might be $100-200K per year. Finally, there is winter shut down work and the projects that spring up as annual budgets are spent-down and released each year.

For all the reasons, commercial repaints are well worth going after. And, they are everywhere you look.

So, why is all this commercial repaint work conducted by only a small percentage of contractors?

It’s simple: Most owners are completely in the dark about the sales and marketing strategies necessary to break into this market.

Matt Orme of PR Painting found himself trapped in the new construction meat grinder a few years ago. He was unhappy with the constant strain of estimating blueprints for projects he rarely won, supervising turbulent job sites and hoping his most recent project wouldn’t simply “break even.”

So, Matt began the process of slowly transitioning to more and more commercial repaint projects. His steady efforts in sales and marketing paid off as his percentage of revenue in this category grew.

And, as is often the case, the harder you work over an extended period of time, the luckier you get. After months and in some cases over a year of “whaling” for large opportunities, Matt finds himself with steady winter work and a 2023 that most painters would jealously envy.

At the 7th Annual Painting Profits Summit, Matt will be presenting the successful strategies he used – and that you can employ in your own painting business. Please book your tickets now as the room block is dwindling and we always sell out (no complaining if you drag your feet,please.) However…

Commercial painting leads & repaints isn’t the only thing you’ll learn about. We’ll be discussing hiring, marketing, project management, weathering the recession and a lot more.

This is the premier event for painting contractors in the country – don’t miss it.

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Need help now? Just reply to this email and I’d be happy to set up a call.

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Brandon Lewis
Founder, APPC

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Jimmy Canabe
4 years ago
Due to Brandon and his amazing guidance, we have been able to grow as a business and as individuals. His unique marketing strategies make our...
Sam Reuter
2 years ago
I have been a member of APPC for going on 3 years now. Brandon does a fantastic job of providing the best coaching/consultant program in...
Keith Zafren
4 years ago
Brandon Lewis and his insightful, candid, and pointed advice on how to improve my painting business has expanded my business in so many significant ways,...
Stephen Blauert
4 years ago
Brandon definitely does A+ work! We met Brandon at a conference where he held a workshop on marketing for painting companies. We signed up for...
Jose Ortez
2 years ago
Brandon has great insight and content in the painting industry. He definitely has the pulse on the industry. His insights has helped me tremendously in...

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The 5 Keys for Success in ANY Economy

Discover the key to unlocking the hidden income potential in your painting business.