Are You Too “Informal” in Your Painting Business?

Informal Painting Business Practices

When you started your painting business, you probably dreamed of all the freedom it would bring. You imagined working less hours, making more money and avoiding things you hate – like paperwork.

As the years have rolled by, you may have noticed something curious happened.

You’re working harder, fighting fires and you come home exhausted. Plus, the money may not be piling up like it should considering all your efforts.

This is the story of too many painters that I speak with day-in and day-out.

What causes these common problems to happen with such regularity and predictability in the painting business? Well, there are quite a few contributing factors…

However, here is a common one: Lack of formality.

I get it… no one wants do go through a bunch of unnecessary organizing, paperwork or processes. I do not advocate for that at all.

But, if you fail to formalize certain aspects of your business, you are essential begging for…

– Putting Out the Same Fires on a Daily Basis

– Solving the Exact Same, Recurring Problems Over and Over Again

– Disappointment in Closing Rates, Profit Margins & Personal Income

– Staff to Continually Let You Down (Even Though It’s Not Really Their Fault)

So, what does formalization look like? At least the kind that’s simple and easy – yet essential for improving performance?

Here are three common problems that are super easy to solve… In fact, I’ve NEVER seen these fail to work when implemented.

PROBLEM #1: Jobs Continually Go Over Budget

SOLUTION: Job Costing, Production Rates & Saved Labor Bonus Programs

If you know how long it takes to paint a surface using field data (not guessing) and you provide your painters with labor and material targets, their performance will improve almost overnight. If you incentivize their achievements and publicly recognize them, you build a self-policing culture that controls costs and generates greater profits.

PROBLEM #2: Call Backs & Client Complaints

SOLUTION: Ultimate Crew Leader Packet & Agenda-Driven Crew Meetings

Most of the time, painters are not sent into the field with the tools they need to take ownership of a project. Standard operating procedures and quality control measures are not in place. This means the responsibility for delivering results can’t be delegated to the crew leader. So, YOU end up handling it. This is easily fixed with a few documents and a review of projects during your weekly crew meetings.

You can get rid of 80% of your operational problems by implementing this system. As you fine tune things, you’ll discover 90% or more of your projects can be ran without your direct involvement or a visit to the project.

PROBLEM #3: Hiring & Recruitment

SOLUTION: Hiring & Recruitment Systems

Posting on Craigslist and asking your painters if they “know of anyone” isn’t enough – especially in this environment. Hiring and recruitment is a marketing and sales function… though most painters don’t think of it in this way.

In order to get the painters you need, you must approach the market directly with messages that convince tradesmen you have BETTER employment (not just employment.) You also must employ a multitude of mediums to reach the market. Your hiring and assessment tools must help close the deal with employees while screening out the ones who are not a good fit early in the process.

A Little Formalization Goes a LONG Way!

For most owners, they implement business processes in a manual, verbal fashion. They handle problems as they arise on a case-by-case basis instead of putting processes and procedures in place that permanently reduce or eliminate problems before they ever occur.

Just as you paint a house a specific way over-and-over again, there are certain businesses processes that need to be formalized so they can be executed with a standard level of “business craftsmanship.”

Do you have a problem in your painting business that you just can’t seem to solve? Would rather not reinvent the wheel and start from scratch?

Simply reach out to me.

Option #1: Email

Option #2: Call 423-800-0520

I’d be happy to get on a call with you and help in any way I can.

Don’t “live” with a recurring problem. A small amount of formalization goes a long way towards creating the kind of freedom you are looking for in your painting business – not to mention results!

Your Friend in Painting Profits,

Brandon Lewis
Founder, The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors

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