Are You Thankful You Own Your Painting Business?

Are you grateful you own a painting business as we head into Thanksgiving? Do you see it as a vehicle to help make your family’s financial dreams come true?

Do you see it as a wonderful tool to get back freedom in your day-to-day life?

Has it made you grow as a leader, person and entrepreneur?

Do you feel lucky to be in the painting industry?

If you are truly thankful, you are in the minority. Let me explain…

Most owners of painting businesses talk about their painting company as if they are disappointed with it. They act as if being a painter is something they are “stuck with” instead of blessed with.

There is this strange paradox of thankfulness given outcomes in the painting industry:

Fact #1Most owners of painting businesses do not make much money (the average size of a painting business is 1.7 people in the USA) and they work too much. Look outside the paint store parking lot. You do not see BMW’s, Mercedes and Range Rovers. Though you should given the opportunity…

Fact #2I know thousands of painting contractors that have more income, equity and freedom than your average doctor, lawyer, CPA or corporate executive. They live better lives and have more resources at their disposal.

These are both indisputable facts – it seems rather impossible that this is true.

How does this happen?

*First, I think most painters do not realize their God-given potential in this industry. They only see the flecks of gold lying on the ground, but never dig deep to hit the stockpile. They look around at their PEERS locally and say, “This is what I can expect.”

I kid you not: All established painting contractors are sitting on a GOLD MINE… but few tap into it.

*Second, the majority of owners go from painter… to crew leader… to owner. Once they get to “owner,” they never spend any time discovering what that title really means. So, they try to run their company with the same mindset and skillset they used as a crew leader. This does not work.

*Third, owners take the “not-so-easy” way out. You know, there are different kinds of “work.” Sometimes the hardest kind of work you can do has nothing to do with breaking your back. It has to do with breaking your bad mental habits and patterns of behavior.

If you have read this far, let me ask you again:
Are you thankful to own your painting business?

If you can’t answer with an enthusiastic “YES!”, I weep for you – because there is a world of opportunity awaiting you… and it’s right within arm’s reach!

2022 is fast approaching… There is ZERO excuse not to make it the year of change.

There is ZERO excuse to keep from hitting your goals – even those that you think are unreachable.

May I suggest taking two practical steps that WILL make you more thankful to be in this industry:

Step #1: Look Into the 2022 Painting Profits Summit – When you SEE and HEAR about people in our industry that break the industry norms, it will change your perspective forever. These aren’t superhuman business owners.

No, they are just regular folks who decided it was time to do business a different way. Consider joining them this year in Florida. I would love to see you there.

Step #2: Reply to This Email and Let’s Talk – Right now, if you are not thankful, you simply do not know what you do not know. That’s it.

It’s so easy to make small changes in your painting business that will allow you to make more money and have more free time while doing less work! Your business is not encased in STONE!

You can change it the moment you have the WILL to make a change!

If email isn’t your thing, call our office at 423-800-0520. I’m happy to speak with you!

Over the next few days, you’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving. There is a good chance there will be a young person there who is NOT very thankful.

As an older person, you can see they have health, intelligence and a world of opportunity in front of them. In fact, by being in the USA, Canada, UK or Australia, they have more opportunity than 95% of the globe!

Yet, they do not see it that way.

My hope for you thinks Thanksgiving is that you realize how blessed you are to be in this business. I hope you are thankful for what it has provided and what it CAN provide if you’ll just pray for the wisdom to do what’s right for your personal development and family.

If you feel inclined, I’ll be here to help.

I hope you and your family have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Brandon Lewis
Founder, The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors


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