Advice to Painters Who Have Lost Their Passion

Advice to Painters Who Have Lost Their Passion

It’s not uncommon…

When you’ve been working any career for a long time, it’s easy – almost natural – to lose your enthusiasm for it.

In fact, it can happen so subtly you might not even know it.

First, it starts with dropping little things that make a difference. I mean, everyone knows your company’s reputation, right?… So, you let it slide.

Second, you being to accept poor performance from staff and pick up the slack instead.

Maybe you get a little lax with your financial management – accept earning less and less.

Before you know it, your entrepreneurial dream feels like a self-imposed prison of monotony and chaos.

Everyday, there is a new fire to fight. Over time you start to think, “Let it burn…”

You may even daydream about putting in job applications.

This is NOT how you felt when you started your business.

Back then, it was all dreams and possibilities.

Now, it’s all nightmares and responsibilities.

How did this happen? Frankly, it doesn’t even matter. The more important question is this…

What are YOU going to do about it? If you aren’t ready to throw in the towel, let me offer some suggestions. I’ve seen this a time or two.

First, recommit to your goals. If not for you, for your family. You are WAY closer to achieving them now than when you first started. There’s ZERO reason to waste all you’ve worked to build.

Second, fall in love with something DIFFERENT about your painting business. Might I suggest the “business end” of the business. Honestly, most painters focus so much on the “work” they never give this aspect of ownership a fair chance.

Often, “painters” discover that they are really “marketers,” “managers,” and “salespeople” when they find the tools they need.

Third, surround yourself with people who are successful in the industry. When you do this, I PROMISE your mindset will be changed. You’ll get to see real possibilities you haven’t seen before.

If I may, I STRONGLY encourage you to check out the 6th Annual Painting Profits Summit.

We truly gather the most successful painting contractors in the world – and it’s all about business improvement. It’s a great way to use three fun-filled days to reignite your passion in a PRODUCTIVE way.

I’ve watched this event change lives: Find out more here.

Finally, find a mentor. It can be a contractor in your area or across the country who has already arrived where you want to go. Let them work with you. Swallow your pride and try something new.

One thing you do know is this: Your approach isn’t working.

If I can ever help you in that way, just *reply to this email* and I’d be happy to do it.

Listen, and I am telling you 100% TRUTH here: There is NOTHING wrong with the painting industry, your market, skills or even your labor market. It’s been lucrative and fulfilling for so many.

I live it. I know.

I’ve watched painters succeed in every possible position, condition and location. And I’ve also watched them fail. It has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the owner.

A painting business is simple and rewarding when you do it right. Painful when you do it wrong.

Don’t give up.

You are likely a few months away from the breakthrough that will make the difference.

Keep your eyes, ears and most importantly your MIND OPEN!

Let your dreams die? No way. Give up? Hell no.

Find your passion again… and the path will present itself if you are willing to TRY.

Let me know if I can help and I hope to see you in Florida soon!

Check out the event details here.

Take Care,

Brandon Lewis
Founder, The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors

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