Running a Successful Painting Business Means Being a Serious Student

Running a Successful Painting Business Means Being a Serious Student

The secret to running a successful painting business is this: You have to be serious about the “business end” of your painting business – not just “doing a quality job” and “treating customers right.” Customer service is the beginning, not the end of the journey… and these owners realize that fact.

In every city, there are “starving craftsmen” who can’t figure out why they aren’t…

  1. Finding painting leads in abundance
  2. Selling their paint services for higher profits
  3. Getting beat by low-priced painters
  4. Sustain meaningful painting sales growth
  5. Awash in referral work that’s steady
  6. Covered up in commercial repaint contracts…

These problems are common and so are the causes: When you fail to focus on building systems for lead-generation, marketing, sales, referral generation, customer retention, and commercial contract acquisition – you’ll fail to succeed financially.

During the 2017 Painting Profits Summit, owners from all over the country demonstrated their commitment to becoming serious students by investing their time and money in achieving their dreams.

If you want to discover what they’ve learned, simply request the free report, CD, and video training series on this page and discover what it really means to be running a successful painting business.

Brandon Lewis
Founder and Mentor-In-Chief
The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors


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