Marketing a Painting Company for Quick Results

Marketing a Painting Company for Quick Results

How fast can you market in your painting company?

Make no mistake – wealth is attracted to speed. The faster you can identify opportunities and implement them, the more momentum you will build.

After doing in-depth business diagnostic reviews with over 350 painting contractors, here’s what I’ve discovered…

Most owners fail to meet their potential, not because they made the wrong decisions, but because they missed too many opportunities due to inaction.

Put another way, most businesses do not die on the operating table –
they die in the waiting room.

In this video, recorded at the 2017 Painting Profit Summits, I talk about the importance of being able to “Market Like a Minuteman.”

For the most part, as a business owner, you want to have an idea a breakfast and be able to “get it out the door” by lunch – or at least have the process set up and ready for implementation.

Perfectionism is the ENEMY of speed. Marketing that is optimized at 80% beats marketing that is optimized at 100%, but never gets out the door –
or marketing that is at 100% but is implemented three weeks later.

In closing, speed is important in marketing. Your ability to conceptualize an idea and then immediately execute it will give you a huge advantage in your business vs. lay-about competitors who keep their business initiatives on a “some-day” list forever.

Got an idea? Don’t wait for perfection – get action… today.

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