Hiring Ideas for Painting Business or Company Looking for Quality Painters

Hiring Ideas for Painting Business or Company Looking for Quality Painters

If you are trying to figure out how to hire quality painters for your painting contractor business, beware of a HUGE MYTH circulating in the painting industry: That there is a shortage of quality painters and that the trades are in utter decline – it simply isn’t so…

In Only 4 Questions, This Video Destroys the “Painter Shortage” Hiring Myth

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2 Responses

  1. Burt says:

    Brandon I don’t think people are saying there are no painters out there.
    In my case Ive noticed most of the good painters with any intelligence are contractors themselves.
    Most of the good painters who are not, are already working for a larger more established painting company.
    This has been my experience over the last few years. Ive lived on the west coast and the midwest and the east coast…It seems to be much worse on the east coast.

  2. Brandon Lewis says:

    Maybe you’re not saying there’s a shortage, but most are. If the good painters are the “owners”, and I use that term loosely, then the problem is still this: How do you recruit them to leave their less-than-stable self-employment situation and get them to come work for you. In essence, the labor problem is still solved by solid recruitment efforts and systems.

    Almost all of my crew leaders were at one point self-employed. It’s a great pond to fish in for painters.

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