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Schwartz and Sons, a residential painting contractor, is continuing to meet the demands of all budget-conscious homeowners who are contemplating to enhance their homes at a price they can afford. From initial consultation till the project is completed, we will keep you informed of our progress so that you know exactly what’s being done and how much it will impact your wallet.

Schwartz & Sons’ principal goal is to gain you as a life-long customer. A vast percentage of our business is from our extensive list of repeat customers. Unlike other painting companies, we don’t have to hide behind overdone marketing to promote our name. Our reputation and many years of experience does that for us.

Specializing in:

Interior House Painting in Andover MN

Exterior House Painting in Andover MN

Cabinet Painting in Andover MN

Fence Painting in Andover MN


Commercial Interior Painting

Commercial Exterior Painting


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