Industry Expert Reveals How to Save 35% or More on Paint & Supplies

To help his independent painting contractors finally get fair paint pricing, Brandon Lewis launched the Painters Purchasing Group in 2020

Keith and Brandon

Meet Painting Business Expert Brandon Lewis

Helping painting contractors solve their problems is Brandon Lewis’ #1 passion APPC. While helping painters with marketing and sales launched the idea of the Academy for Professional, it’s not at all where it ended. Over the years, Lewis has helped over 450 painting contractors in 6 countries with business systems, mentoring and online marketing tactics that work.
In 2020, a group of painting contractors approached Lewis with a critical problem: They thought paint prices were arbitrary, unfair and secretive. After a wide-ranging survey of painters was conducted, Lewis verified what most painters already knew, namely that paint prices have noting to do with purchase volume, years of loyalty or cost of living in a particular area. The Painters Purchasing Group was launched as a way to solve that problem and we hope you take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.

3 Easy Steps to Increasing Your Income by 23-29% with the Painters Purchasing Group


1. Join the Painters Purchasing Group to Access Super Low Prices on Paint, Supplies & Services


2. Use the Member’s Only Portal to Get Tools for Better Purchasing Practices


3. Enjoy the Purchasing Power Normally Reserved for the Nation’s Largest Painting Contractors

Kevin Getz_2x
Kevin Getz
- American Painting Specialists

“My exterior paint costs dropped from $41 per gallon to $28 per gallon – and its’ the same quality.”

Eric Crawford@2x
Eric Crawford
- Final Touch Painting

“We started taking advantage of the program last year and we save a TON of money on paint and sundries. Plus, the program has a great delivery program. So, we don’t even waste time going to the store.”

Jason Lance@2x
Jason Lance
- Giovanni’s Painting Affair

“We’re really knocking out of the park on savings. Our old paint store can’t come close to the Painters Purchasing Group prices.”

Royce Parmer@2x
Royce Parmer
- Parmer & Sons Painting

“We’re looking at 50-60% savings for a gallon on average. They’ve done a great job delivering. I’m not looking back, that’s for sure.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with the Painters Purchasing Group?

First, click the button below to make your membership payment using the simple online form. Second, we email you an exclusive Painters Purchasing Group Agreement. Once that’s completed, your company’s information is sent to the vendors so you can access pricing. Thereafter, you will set up a meeting with your suppliers to talk about product, ordering and delivery preferences. Pretty easy stuff.

How much can I expect to save on paint and supplies?

According to our survey data, the average painters who buys $50,000 in paint or more annually saves 35%. If you typically buy less, you will likely save more!

How much does it cost to be in the group?

It’ only $147 to join and $47 per month thereafter. For the average painter, you MUST buy at least $135 in paint per month to see a positive ROI. Basically, any professional painter will benefit.

Are their any long-term commitments?

No – not at all. However, we do ask that painters join the group in good fait to work with other painters in the industry to negotiate collectively so we ALL win! There is strength in numbers...

How can I access the price list?

You get access as soon as you join!

Are prices locked in?

Yes, typically for one year.

Do you offer discounts on anything other than paint?

Absolutely. We have relationships with companies that provide sundries, bookkeeping, answering services, financing, and estimating software!

What if I have more questions?

Call our offices at 423-800-0520 or email