5 Signs of a Struggling or Stalled Painting Business

Whether you are struggling or simply failing to realize your personal best, it’s likely your painting business struggles with one of these major business system failures.

Do you ever feel like you are just a “pass-through” bank account for painters, the paint store and your clients? If your personal income isn’t at 30% of sales, you are leaving thousands on the table annually.

Most painting contractors say they want a steady stream of repeat, referral and commercial repaint leads. What they end up getting are expensive, cold, crappy online leads that never buy anything. Client reactivation, retention and commercial marketing systems fix this.

“I’m sorry, but we went with the lowest price.” If you’re hearing this routinely while failing to hit high closing rates or profit margins, you need a persuasive sales process that closes the sale.

You can close all the jobs you want, but if you don’t have the painters you need to complete jobs on-budget without babysitting, you’ll be broke and miserable. Strong recruitment and hiring systems ensure you’ll have the team you need.

If you feel overwhelmed, anxious and uncertain about how to organize your company, it can make your business life – and personal life – miserable. Running a painting business should be about financial and personal freedom. Strong business systems create both.

What Real Owners Are Saying

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All Pro-Home Services

All Pro-Home Services

“I started in the paint business as a painter and two years later started working for myself...Listening to Brandon Lewis really helped me to be a better business owner. Without sales and marketing you have no business. I was a painter and now I feel like and much more of a business owner and a business professional. Thank you Brandon Lewis for your great work…”

Keith Zafren

My Three Sons Professional Painting Services

“Brandon Lewis and his insightful, candid, and pointed advice on how to improve my painting business has expanded my business in so many significant ways, including the bottom line...He’s the real deal! I can’t imagine trying to build and grow my business without his fantastic coaching.”

Greg Collins

Final Touch Painting

“We’ve been in the Platinum Mentoring group for about 12 months, and it has fundamentally changed our business. We are on pace to more than double last years’ gross sales, and have tripled our crew size to process all of the work we are bringing in. Thanks Brandon!”


Painting Advice Is Abundant – Good Advice Isn’t

Brandon Lewis, Founder + CEO of the Academy for Professional Painting Contractors and Painter’s Weekly

Brandon Lewis grew his painting business from flat-broke to over $1,000,000.00 in repaint sales and 20 employees during the worst recession since the Great Depression, in less than five years, and then went on to sell his business for over $440,000.00 in a still struggling economy.

Brandon has worked with over 400 franchised and independent painting contractors to help owners realize their dreams. An author and speaker – Lewis’ work has appeared in American Painting Contractor Magazine, Paint Contractor Magazine, InPaint Magazine, Professional Painting Contractor Magazine, and PCA educational outlets just to name a few sources.

The APPC’s educational events, like the annual Painting Profits Summit, are sponsored by industry giants like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and others because they believe in the impact the organization is making.
Brandon publishes Painter’s Weekly, a video publication delivered weekly by email and text to help painting contractors become successful entrepreneurs.