What Is It Worth To Get Found Online?

More and more painting contractors are starting to realize how essential getting found online really is. The days of just being referred are over. Does this mean you need to constantly spend thousands of dollars every month to be found? Absolutely not!

Meet Eric Crawford.

Eric started working with APPC and started to see dramatic results incredibly fast.

I would say … One of cool things is we just got a large job, about $25,000, that came exclusively off them finding us online. They asked two painters to do the job. Both of us had online presence here in our community, and we end up getting the job. But it all started with them finding us through an online presence. So, that one job alone has paid for our investment and more in our SEO and online platform.

Well, since we’ve been working with Brandon Lewis and his team, we have received significantly more online leads this year than in the past. It’s actually allowed us to bring a whole nother client rep on this year and allowing that person to gain experience where they wouldn’t otherwise. And we’re obviously winning some jobs at the same time.

Well, we chose Brandon and his team because, first of all, they understand the painting business. I didn’t want to use a marketing and online marketing team that was going to treat us like this mom and pop shop or that industry. Brandon and his team work exclusively with painting companies. And so, they understand what we need. I also felt through the folks that he brought onto his team, he has an incredible staff there that understand SEO and are really making it work for us. And finally, the price was certainly affordable. It’s paid off already.

With them doing our online newsletter, it saved us time. We don’t have to hassle with it. We just shoot them over the electronic version of what we end up printing, and they handle it. So, it’s helps out pretty quickly.

Well, you have to have multiple forms of business coming in. You can’t rely totally on word of mouth or totally on repeat business or totally on prospecting. This has just made our business a lot more valuable as we have a whole nother stream of people asking about our business through the online platforms.

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George Hamby
6 months ago
I have been watching multiple videos over the past two or three years. As I watch these videos I get inspired to try to step my...
Jose Ortez
6 months ago
Brandon has great insight and content in the painting industry. He definitely has the pulse on the industry. His insights has helped me tremendously in...
Pam Bryant
6 months ago
I first met Brandon several years ago at the Sherwin Willliams Pro Show. My "take away"... I was sitting up front, second row, and he asked...
Brian Hoggard
6 months ago
Brandon is the man! Just follow his easy guide and and he will have you doing things you never thought were possible. Great for any...
Robert Godinez
5 months ago
The videos are what lured me into his entire wealth of knowledge. Once I became a gold member I became bewildered by so much more...

Hear What Other Members are Saying:

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Jim and Lorraine

“Our first campaign reached $60,041.98! That's a huge percentage of our annual sales! You don't pick the peach orchard just one time. Different peaches ripen every day. Thanks for encouraging us to keep after it!”

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 4.09.01 PM

“15 requests for quotes and closed and/or completed $23,000 of work and I still have a few more to do. Conservatively this campaign will net $25,000 in found money in the first 45 days! Thanks Brandon!”

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 4.11.25 PM

“This year has been the biggest year of growth for us. We're double where we were last year. I realized the real money in this business is in the marketing of the services - not the doing of the services.”

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