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Little did John Hughes, Sr. know back in early 1970 that the part-time painting job he took, while holding a full time position at Norfolk Southern Railroad, would lead to he and his wife Billie starting their own painting company in Raleigh.

From the very beginning, Hughes was dedicated to providing a service to increase the value of his clients’ homes and make them comfortable. As Hughes’s reputation spread and his business grew, he expanded his service offerings, as well as the areas he served.

n the 1990’s, John Hughes, Jr. joined ranks with his family, working through high school and college at the company business. Upon graduation from Campbell University, John Jr. launched a career in apparel manufacturing, where he honed his skills in production, scheduling and communications—skills that proved useful when he returned to Raleigh to rejoin his family in the painting business. His return solidified the future of the company and enabled the opening of a second location in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

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