Easy Tech Lingo

Domain: This is basically the address of where your website lives. Typing this into the main bar of your browser is essentially like typing in 1234 Street Street, City, State 12345 into Google maps, and not only having it find it for you, but driving you there all on its own. But you have to own a unique address, otherwise you’d be lost and un-findable in an endless sea of information. That’s why you have to buy one, usually through Godaddy, etc. For example, look up top. See the https:// jargon? The www.paintersacademy.com part is our domain. Everything after that is direction to a page inside the www.paintersacademy.com domain.

Website: This is your bread n’ butter. All your info beautifully crafted into an interactive experience. Think of it as a book with chapters you can read out of order, like a dictionary or encyclopedia that’s more fun to look at (each chapter being a page of the site).

HostingThis is how your website gets on the World Wide Web (that’s the www. part). In this case, you need someone to get your site live on the WWW so people can navigate to it with the domain (address) you purchased. There are lots of beep-boops involved here, but basically it’s what makes your site visible on the WWW. It’s the lightning for Frankenstein’s monster. All the body parts were put together (domain+website), but there was no life for it to able to go out into the community and terrify the townsfolk until it was hit with lightning (hosting). IT’S (a)LIVE!