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The Secret Systems for Easy Re-paint Profits

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Maximum Repaint Profits System™

Professional repaint contractors do not struggle with cutting a straight line, rolling a wall out, or determining what product to use to protect and beautify the property of their customers.

However, painters all over the nation struggle with five primary problems:

  • Inability to consistently generate a reliable number of new leads for high-quality estimate requests.
  • Constantly competing on price with cut-rate, unprofessional painting contractors in a manner that kills profit margins.
  • Uncertainty and confusion as to what marketing strategies work and what is a complete waste of money.
  • Low estimate closing rates which waste time, labor, and fuel while reducing productivity.
  • Increasing costs in labor, paint, insurance, and fuel along with increasing taxes and regulations are eating into painting contractors’ profits. Meanwhile, home and business owners are looking for the cheapest price.

Our Maximum Repaint Profits System™ combines done-for-you tools, templates, teaching, one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, newsletters, and tele-mentoring sessions to solve these common problems and put painting contractors back in control of their bank accounts – while eliminating the no-work, slow-work, long-hours reality that so many insist is “inevitable” in painting. Membership is by application only.

Maximum Repaint Management System™

Once a steady stream of high-quality, high-margin leads are produced on an ongoing basis and estimates are converting at high rates with comfortable profit margins, painting contractors should turn their attention to more efficient management of the operational aspects of their repaint businesses. This program focuses on the transition from the entrepreneurial, building phase of a painting business to the growth-management phase.

Our Maximum Repaint Management System™ uses a step-by-step approach to guide owners through an unvarnished assessment of their current operational situation, identify the largest opportunities for growth, pinpoint the resource-draining bottlenecks, and begin the methodical process of accumulating the two most important resources for ongoing business development – surplus time and surplus capital.

Stage two of the Maximum Repaint Management System™ takes painting contractors through the eight essential areas of their business: team management, operational reporting, estimating reporting, bookkeeping, labor cost management, inventory/materials management, scheduling, and smart-growth expansion. Membership is by application only.

Maximum Repaint Profits One-on-One Mentoring™

Every year, Brandon Lewis sets aside time to personally mentor a small group of painting contractors in a custom-made, one-on-one program. Space in this program is limited and painting contractors must meet one of the two criteria:

  • They must possess a thorough understanding of the concepts and strategies found in the Maximum Repaint Profits System™ and be applying them successfully in their current painting business.
  • Own a successful, established painting company with healthy sales and/or profitability numbers that have slowed, flat-lined, or regressed because of incomplete or inefficient marketing and management systems.

In the Maximum Repaint Profits One-on-One Mentoring™ program, owners are not taken through a pre-determined process, but are instead mentored in a customized, tailor-made fashion based on their particular situation, circumstances, strengths, and weaknesses. The ultimate goal of this program is to help owners rapidly implement proven growth strategies in areas where they will see maximum return on investment in the shortest time-frame possible. Membership is by application only.


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"The Secret Systems for Easy Re-paint Profits" Finally Reveals

  • Why 99% of typical marketing and advertising done by painting contractors doesn't work and is a complete waste of money

  • The 7 elements that turn boring marketing pieces into reliable lead-generators for the very best high-paying customers

  • 4 strategies for increasing your prices that leave your customers happy to pay more than they would otherwise

  • Where to find the "hidden goldmine" sitting right under your nose, day-after-day that could put huge profits in your bank account in a matter of days

  • 5 proven methods for "owning" the best high-end neighborhoods and being "the painting contractor" who is referred again and again

  • A simple 6-step process for being first-in-line for large, commercial repaint jobs that is set-it-and-forget-it for BIG paydays

  • How to attract the best paying customers while "scaring away" the penny- pinching-nitpickers who make your life miserable

  • And other effective strategies that will have your production schedule booked solid with high-margin, low-stress painting jobs week after week after week